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DIY Wood Coffee Mug Rack

Isn’t it great to find storage solutions that also look pretty? We made this cute coffee mug rack to store up to 9 of our coffee mugs. We often invite friends over to our home, and this coffee mug rack is a great cup storage solution that welcomes people to grab a mug!

DIY wood coffee mug rack

You can find the simple details of how we made this mug rack in the video or description below.

Coffee Mug Rack Video

To make our coffee mug rack, first we wanted to keep the project simple. We choose some lightweight wood boards and streamlined black hooks. My husband Andy put the wood for the rack together. He used a circular saw, measuring tape, drill, electric screwdriver, and a handful of household screws.

Coffee Mug Rack Materials

  • lightweight boards
  • 9 hooks
  • household screws


  • circular saw
  • measuring tape
  • drill
  • electric screwdriver

DIY coffee mug rack home decor project

Andy used the circular saw to cut 3 boards of the same length. He also cut an additional board in half widthwise to make the thinner side boards. Once he created the basic 3-level design, Andy put the DIY coffee mug rack together. Watch our project video above!

DIY home decor coffee cup hanger and mug rack

To assemble this wooden mug rack, Andy attached the boards together by first drilling small holes where he wanted to put screws. He measured and marked where the holes would go to make them evenly spaced. Next, he used the electric screw driver to efficiently tighten the screws into each hole.

How to make a wooden mug rack

Finally, Andy measured and marked a spot for each hook along the 3-tier mug rack. This mug rack easily holds 9 mugs, which are easy to access and hang back up.

Cute wooden coffee mug rack with black hooks

Once Andy finished constructing this DIY wooden mug rack, I did a little bit of finish work on it. First, I mixed up craft paint to match the board stain color. Next, I painted it on the freshly cut ends and edges of the mug rack. The paint darkened the otherwise lighter ends of the boards to blend with the rest of the wood.

Overall, I love how this mug rack turned out. It meets our need of storing coffee mugs, and keeps them easily accessible. We can even pull mugs out of the dishwasher and hang them up to dry on the mug rack. Additionally, our DIY wooden mug rack is a cute kitchen decoration. We picked a wood color for our customized mug rack that coordinates with our decorating style.

How to make a wooden coffee mug rack

coffee station Nespresso and accessories

wooden coffee mug rack home decor idea

Cute and easy wooden coffee mug rack project


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