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5 Activities for Little Mermaids

Life with girls can be filled with glitter, tulle, twirls, and mermaid tails. My girls especially seem to enjoy mermaids. We have mermaid pillows, mermaid tail blankets, mermaid toys, and many mermaid costumes. There’s something about mermaids that is enchanting for kids. I remember as a child wanting to learn more about mermaids; what do they do? what do they eat? The fun can be whatever you’d like because to the best of my knowledge, mermaids are pretend. Here are some fun ways we like playing mermaids in our house.

Fun DIY Mermaid Game with characters - Mommy Scene

Homemade Mermaid Treasure Game

What’s better than pretending to be mermaids and finding treasure? I made a colorful interactive mermaid game with squares of colored paper, some fun mermaid character toys, play jewels, and friendly ocean friends. This mermaid game is completely customizable! Simply cut out paper shapes, make a mermaid “cove” and hide treasures and friends along the way. Here are the rules for our mermaid treasure game.


Cut out “tiles” from colorful paper and create a start and finish for your game.

Write fun mermaid-inspired actions on the back of each tile, such as twirl in the ocean, sing like a mermaid, do a flip (somersault), and find something sparkly.

Place each tile blank side up to hide the secret actions.

Place a sea creature pal or tiny crystal along the way; if someone lands on a square with a creature or crystal, they get to add it to their treasure trove as a bonus! (+10 points per creature/crystal). If you are just playing for fun and not for points, kids will enjoy collecting creatures as they move along the board game path!

Start by rolling the dice and moving your game piece ahead the correct number of spaces. For our game we used these cute Splashlings mermaid characters! If you land on a tile with a creature or crystal, collect it! Turn over the tile that you land on and complete the action. You may need to twirl like a mermaid or sing a mermaid song! Create as many tiles and creative actions as you’d like!

Finish by reaching the secret mermaid treasure at the end! The winner is the one who reaches the end first or who has the most creatures or crystals collected along the way! You can also award bonuses for “best starfish action” or “most creative mermaid song”.

This game will keep kids entertained for numerous afternoons because no two games are the same! If you get bored you can create new mermaid treasure game rules, add to your collection of tiles with new mermaid-inspired actions, or make it a team game and vote on who completed each action the best. The point is to have fun and build family memories with your kids!

Splashlings mermaid toys and friends - Mommy Scene

Splashlings Mermaids & Ocean Friends

Where did we find these darling mermaid toys? These cute characters are part of the Splashlings collection from TPF Toys, also available at Walmart! The Splashlings and friends collection includes collectible Mermaid characters, Ocean Gems, Treasure Pets, Fin Friends, Swell Shells, Hip Flips, Wiggles, Flash Fish, and Shells! Many of the sets have a surprise mermaid character and color changing details. Most Splashlings sets include a mermaid with several ocean friends. My girls love the sparkly details on these tiny mermaid toys and colorful hair styles and features.

Fun DIY Mermaid Game with mermaid characters and sea creatures - Mommy Scene

We have lots of fun livening up an afternoon by acting like a starfish and collecting tiny treasures with our mermaid treasure game.

Fun DIY Mermaid Game with interactive actions for kids - Mommy Scene

Fun interactive DIY Mermaid game for kids - Mommy Scene

The Splashlings collection are perfect little toy sets to give as gifts or collect for fun. With tons of characters and creatures that each have a name, these tiny mermaids and ocean friends are fun collectibles to share between sisters or trade with friends. I was impressed by the tiny details and bright contrasting colors, and each little ocean friend has cute little eyes and facial features. You can store the tiny creatures in the starfish and shell containers that come with many of the Splashlings sets.

Splashlings Mermaid Toys and Friends - Mommy Scene review

This Splashlings set included a surprise color changing mermaid, several ocean friends and a surprise Splashling hidden inside a closable shell container! My girls loved discovering the creatures in each of their Splashlings sets and using these fun mermaid toys for our DIY interactive mermaid game.

Splashlings Mermaid characters and ocean friends - Mommy Scene review

Splashlings collectable mermaid toy sets - Mommy Scene review

Which Splashling would be your favorite?

Yummy Mermaid Snacks

Of course any mermaid needs some sea-inspired snacks! Our little mermaids love enjoying sea straws, “shrimp fruit”, seaweed cakes, seaberries, and coral knots. Mermaids need lots of snacks after swimming around exploring the ocean!

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Yummy mermaid snacks for playtime - Mommy Scene

Splashlings Mermaid Toy Sets - Mommy Scene review

After play time is a good time for naps! My girls (ages 2 and 4) now sleep in the same room and can have trouble snuggling down for middle of the day slumber. A white noise maker can be a good way to encourage kids to fall asleep. This BabyOasis sound maker has quickly become a favorite in our home; the girls love listening to the soft music setting. Other BabyOasis sound settings include soft rain, ocean waves, music with a heartbeat, heartbeat, and a gentle fan noise. It doesn’t take much to send the girls off to slumberland once we tuck them in and start the soft repetitive music from the BabyOasis sound machine.

The BabyOasis Bluetooth BTS-100B sound machine is a great solution for helping babies and kids fall sleep and stay asleep. Developed by doctors, this sound machine produces a soothing white noise with twelve preloaded sounds that will help your child relax.

The preloaded playlist includes both sounds that would be familiar to newborns, such as Heartbeat and Prenatal, as well as new relaxing sounds such as Gentle Rain and Car Ride. This BabyOasis sound machine is battery operated and comes with standard rechargeable batteries which enable parents to easily take the sound machine wherever baby goes.

I was very impressed by how long the battery lasts! We used this sound machine for two weeks every day during naps and bedtime without needing to charge it. When I finally did plug it in, the BabyOasis sound machine quickly charged using the mini-USB port that actually works with my phone charger too. Win!

BabyOasis sound machine for babies and kids - Mommy Scene review

It’s always nice to find an effective way to get the kids to sleep quickly, especially when they’ve had an active day playing mermaids.

BabyOasis sound machine to help kids sleep - Mommy Scene

BabyOasis sound machine for kids sleeping and naps - Mommy Scene

My girls love dressing up and playing together. I’m so happy to have sisters that are close in age; they automatically have a friend everywhere they go. It’s warmed my heart to see them playing together and coming up with adventures, setting up tea parties, and practicing being kind and generous with a sister who is always with you. (which can be a hard thing!)

Sleeping little girl at naptime - Mommy Scene

Mermaid Fashion from American Girl

What’s a mermaid day without some mermaid fashion? This darling matching little girls’ outfit coordinates with American Girl’s WellieWisher Camille who loves the ocean. My daughter loves playing with her WellieWisher American Girl dolls and matching them! American Girl makes such high quality girls’ clothes and it’s super fun to match your doll. This outfits’ cute blue top is trimmed with aqua tulle that kinda looks like seaweed and coordinates with the green, yellow and aqua striped skirt inspired by the ocean. The skirt is also overlayed with shimmery aqua tulle; so darling! My daughter has worn this outfit so much and so I’ve had to wash it a lot. I generally line dry it and the material and details have held up beautifully. See all the American Girl outfits for little girls here »

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Wellie Wishers Camille matching doll and girl outfits - Mommy Scene
Wellie Wishers Camille matching outfits for girls and dolls - Mommy Scene

I hope you enjoyed our mermaid activities, games and ideas! I feel like every 3rd post I do is about mermaids, so stay tuned for much more mermaid inspired fun!

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3 years ago

I love this idea. Used to make academic games with older kids, but I can see doing a version of this with my little guy. He’s into cars… lots of ideas for that!

3 years ago

how fun! makes me wish i had a daughter!

3 years ago

Love the mermaid activities! My daughter is 10 now and would have loved this idea when she was smaller. The sound machine though could be for mom to put me to sleep. ?

3 years ago

This is such a fun idea! I am definitely saving this idea so I can do with my girls!!

3 years ago

I didn’t know American Girl does mermaid now! That’s awesome! And that game you invented is pretty neat too! And the sound machine…all of it, its all great. Yay mermaids!