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Pretty Tissue Paper Butterfly Sun Catchers

Childhood can be such a fun time of learning and creating. These cute butterfly sun catchers are easy to make and fun to design with colorful tissue paper. This project teaches kids cutting and gluing skills as well as critical thinking as kids decide which colors to use. Every butterfly design can be completely different!

Butterfly sun catcher tissue paper kids craft

Tissue Paper Butterfly Sun Catchers

Easily make your own customized tissue paper butterfly sun catchers by following these simple instructions.

  1. Print off our simple butterfly outline template (open the link below, right click and “save as”).
  2. Lay the template on top of a piece of cardstock and clip the layers together so they don’t shift when you cut.
  3. Cut out the butterfly shape, and poke holes in the inner cutout areas using something pointy such as a meat thermometer.
  4. Use small crafting scissors to cut out the inner butterfly details. You can be as intricate as you’d like!

Download this Butterfly Sun Catcher Printable Template »

Creative tissue paper kids' activity and printables - Mommy Scene

Creative tissue paper kids' activity - Mommy Scene

Once you’ve cut out the butterfly sun catcher outline, next comes the fun part! Glue small pieces of colored tissue paper to the back of the butterfly outline using craft glue. Once you’ve covered all the cutouts, let the butterfly fully dry before you flip it over to reveal the beautiful butterfly sun catcher design!

Creative tissue stained glass paper kids' activity - Mommy Scene

Tip: We used a piece of parchment paper as a work space to glue the tissue paper onto the butterfly outline. Once dried, the glue peels right off the parchment paper without tearing the intricate butterfly design.

Easy DIY stained glass tissue paper kids' activity - Mommy Scene

These butterflies are so easy to design and so pretty once you put them up in a window!

Easy kids craft tissue paper butterfly sun catchers

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Tissue paper butterflies creative kids art

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