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DIY Kids Photo Valentines + Printables

DIY Kids Photo Valentines + Printables

Valentine’s Day is a fun opportunity to get crafty! We love making seasonal crafts and treats. Some years my kids have traded those paper character Valentines. However, they inevitably end up in the trash. One year I wanted to make our family something truly special for Valentine’s Day. I created some templates you can use with any picture to make custom photo Valentines. I’m excited to share my printables and simple tips for making Valentine’s Day fun!

Create Custom Photo Valentines for kids with our free and easy printables

How to Design Photo Valentines

To make your own photo Valentines, all you need is a photo editing program that allows you to layer a graphic on top of a photo. I use Photoshop for my design projects, but there are free alternatives available that allow you to work with layers such as Gimp, a free photo editing program. If you regularly take photos of your kids, you probably have your own favorite program for editing photos.

Custom Photo Valentines for kids and free printables

To create custom photo Valentines, download our 4×6 overlay templates and select photos that best fit for each one. You will need to place two photos side by side in a vertical or horizontal orientation to use these photo Valentine overlays. Once you’ve created your “double image”, place the photo Valentine overlay (a transparent PNG file) on top, so that your photos show through the center cut-out. Save your photo Valentines to your computer, sized 4×6 inches, print resolution 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Create Custom Photo Valentines for kids with our free printables

How to Print Photo Valentines

Next, you can easily print off your photos using a photo printing service such as Costco. If you have a Costco membership, you can order your photos online and pick them up within a day or two. Alternatively, you can go to Walmart and use one of their kiosks to print your photos right there. It often costs 9 cents to 15 cents to print a photo. These templates allow you to print two Valentines at at time, so you can cut that cost in half to determine the cost of each Valentine. This fun project costs just pennies to make your own custom photo Valentines!

You can also try printing your photo Valentines at home. However our home printer doesn’t do the greatest job when printing photos.

Once printed, cut the photo Valentines in half to separate the photos. You’ll end up with a bunch of beautifully personalized Valentines your kids can give to their friends!

Photo Valentine Templates & Printables

Use these templates to make your own photo Valentines!  Save the files as .png files to maintain the inner cut-out transparency. Right click each image and select, “Save image as” to save to your computer.

Cool Template 1

Custom Photo Valentines - Stay Cool overlay template

Sweet Template 2

Custom Photo Valentines - Be Mine overlay template

Dinomite Template 3

Custom Photo Valentines - Dinomite overlay template

Friends Template 4

Custom Photo Valentines - You're Sweet overlay template

I hope you enjoy making your own custom Photo Valentines! Your kids, friends and family members will love them. Don’t forget to keep a few as mementos of when your kids were younger.

Photo Valentine Look Book

DIY kids photo valentines and free printables

Photo Valentines are the perfect way to use all those adorable photos you took throughout the year! Grandma and Grandpa will love receiving a batch of photo Valentines. Also, siblings can have fun trading their photo Valentines.

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Homemade kids photo valentines for girls and free printables

Who wouldn’t love to receive this darling photo Valentine? If your kids are older, you can even surprise them with photo Valentines of themselves when they were a baby. Include a note that says “You’ll always be my baby”, or “I love you as much as the first day I saw you”.

Make your own kids photo valentines

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Make your own kids photo valentines for girls

Make your own custom photo valentines for kids

Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts

Photo Valentines are fun to pair with a pack of fruit snacks, small toy or Milk & Cookies nail polish. You can easily pic out some small gifts for Valentine’s Day without spending a lot.  Colorful erasers, gel pens, hair clips, matchbox cars and stickers all make great Valentine’s Day surprises for kids!

Easy DIY photo valentines for kids

Even our baby boy got some Valentines one year. I always love accessorizing him for holidays with adorable shoes and a cute DIY baby bow tie. You can learn how to make easy no-sew baby bow ties here!

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Easy DIY photo valentines for kids

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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