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Cute Clothing, Shoes & Accessories for Babies & Kids

Happy Spring! A new season is a great time to pick out some new outfits, shoes and accessories. I especially love shopping for my kids. Over the years, I’ve found some great kids’ brands which I’ve come to love! Here are some of my top picks for kids clothing, shoes and accessories. I’ve also included some fun DIY ideas!

pediped fuchsia kids Flex Maggie boots

Stylish Kids Footwear

Fashion meets quality in the design of these fuchsia Flex Maggie Boots. Our family especially loves kids shoes from pediped footwear, which are great quality and very supportive. All of pediped footwear’s stylish designs promote healthy foot development and are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. My kids usually outgrow their pediped shoes long before the shoes start showing much wear. This is great because my older daughter can easily pass her outgrown shoes on to my younger daughter. I’m always impressed by the high quality materials and cute accents like the side buckles on these boots. The Flex Maggie Boots feature a genuine suede upper, faux fur lining and flexible rubber sole. My daughter loves her stylish boots, which are super cozy too!

Stylish pediped fuchsia Flex Maggie boots for kids

Mini Backpacks

Next on our list, mini backpacks are a must-have Spring accessory for kids! My girls love storing their stuff in small backpacks. They can fill up these trendy bags with a favorite stuffed animal, notebooks, colored pencils, small dolls and more. A mini fashion backpack is a great way to keep stuff all together on a trip or outing. Kids can easily keep track of their things by wearing the backpack. Fashion backpacks come in all styles and materials such as faux leather, vinyl, canvas, even fuzzy backpacks!

Headbands & Crowns

Next, new hair accessories are an inexpensive way to change up your style for a new season. You can even make your own dress-up crowns and headbands! I’ve used DIY hair accessories for my own baby milestone photoshoots of my kids. A simple flower headband can be the cutest accent!

You can easily make these custom flower headbands using a length of fold-over elastic and an assortment of silk flowers.

How to Make Flower Headbands

  • Measure the size of your child’s head and cut a length of colored fold-over elastic that’s long enough to go around it.
  • Hot glue the ends of the elastic together to create a circle.
  • Use hot glue to attach a variety of silk flowers to the elastic. I typically use 3 different sized flowers.
  • Glue rhinestones accents in the center of the silk flowers to add a bit of sparkle!

DIY baby flower headband accessory

Adorable Braided Headbands

Now that my girls are older, they eagerly style their own hair! My girls usually wear some type of hair accessory, clip-in bow or headband. Sometimes they change their hair style several times a day. You can easily find hair accessories to match any princess dress or playtime outfit. Headbands come in all styles, colors and designs. My girls especially love these braided headbands from Madison Braids. You can choose from a variety of braided styles that match your hair color or go a shade lighter or darker. The braided headbands are attached to elastic, which are easy for girls to put on!

Madison Braids headbands kids hair accessories

DIY Flower Crowns

If you’re feeling really crafty, design one of these darling flower crowns for your daughter. You can intertwine leaves, silk flowers, floral sprigs and buds to create a natural style. It’s helpful to have an idea of how you will arrange the flowers onto the crown, before you start gluing. DIY flower crowns are perfect for Spring photos or just for fun! My girls love dressing up and wearing their flower crowns out in the yard. See our full details for how to make custom flower crowns here!

DIY Baby Foot Flower Barefoot Sandals

While you’re designing a baby flower headband, try making these baby foot flower barefoot sandals. Just loops of elastic topped with a flower, baby barefoot sandals are so cute! You can customize these darling baby accessories to match Spring outfits for photo shoots, everyday wear, parties and baby shower gifts. Learn how to make baby foot flowers here!

How to make baby foot flower barefoot sandals craft project

Matching Outfits

Finally, if you’re buying some new kids clothing for Spring, why not pick out some matching outfits? Matching can be especially fun for siblings who are close in age. My girls have worn coordinating dresses, shirts, skirts and matching pajamas. I think the special age-range for matching outfits is 4 to 6 years old. My 7-year-old daughter has suddenly wanted to choose her own style and is less willing to match with her sister. Nevertheless, matching outfits can be fun to wear with sisters and friends!

Matching outfits gift ideas for kids

It’s fun to refresh my kids’ closets with cute clothing, new shoes, and DIY accessories! I typically make a list of the things that we need before I take my kids shopping, to avoid impulse buying. I’ve found it’s very possible to buy stylish items for babies and kids while focusing on quality and not overspending on my budget. I hope these ideas inspire you too!


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