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Trolls Inspired Kids Toys & Sensory Activities

If you have young kids then you know that kids like to stay super active. When I’m not saving my 2-year-old from daring stunts, I’m often crafting or painting with my girls. After nap time in the afternoon my kids often enjoy some screen time. My girls love colorful movies such as Trolls, especially since it has lots of upbeat songs! These Trolls-themed activities are a fun way to engage with kids who love color and glitter.

Trolls Inspired Kids Toys & Sensory Activities

Trolls Toys & Playsets

During nap time my 5-year-old daughter often plays with a toy set like this DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Camp Critter playset. As the leader of the Trolls, Princess Poppy must take care of her family and the forest critters. This critter-shaped playset spins open to reveal a camp full of fun adventures.

Princess Poppy trolls kids play set

Guy Diamond trolls toy set

Each DreamWorks Trolls character has a unique pod they call home and now kids can incorporate each Trolls house into their playtime adventures. Branch’s Critter Scout Pod or Guy Diamond’s Glitter Critter Crib Pod allow kids to create an entire DreamWorks Trolls Village of their own.

Each Trolls playset is sold separately and are available at most major retailers.

Trolls toy sets and Netflix animated show

Kids will have fun styling these DreamWorks Trolls hairplay dolls. Each 9″ Poppy or Gia Groovesfigure has a baby Troll surprise hiding in their plush brushable hair. My girls always enjoy playing with character toys that are inspired by their favorite shows!

DreamWorks Trolls hairplay dolls

DIY Colorful Glitter Slime

Guy Diamond is a Trolls character that is all about glitter. He throws glitter and even sneezes sparkles everywhere. Poppy enjoys scrapbooking with colorful shapes and glitter! My girls love using glitter in their creative kids projects. We mixed up a batch of homemade glitter slime with no shortage of glitter. DIY glitter slime never fails to entertain kids on a quiet afternoon at home. Glitter slime is easy to make and it’s fun to squeeze and stretch!

Easy How To Make Slime Video!

We mixed up some colorful homemade glitter slime using clear school glue, water and liquid starch. Don’t miss watching our easy video how-to!

DIY Glitter Slime Ingredients

1 cup clear school glue
1 cup water
1 cup liquid starch
food coloring + glitter

Mix the clear school glue and water together until fully combined. Pour the glue mixture into small containers if you are making different colors. Add the food coloring and glitter. Mix in the liquid starch and watch your slime take shape! Homemade glitter slime gets better with time, so the more you play with it the more stretchy it gets!

DIY neon green slime sensory activity
Make neon green slime or any color you choose. Kids can design their own slime and even mix in colorful beads and sparkly rhinestones.

Princess Poppy Felt Headband

Keeping with the Troll theme, my daughter also wanted to make a Princess Poppy headband. We used felt to cut the flowers and hot glued them onto a piece of headband elastic. Of course she had to have a pink Poppy hairdo too! See how to make this cute Princess Poppy DIY hair accessory here!

Cute DIY Princess Poppy trolls flower headband for dress up

Homemade Glitter Finger Paint

DIY finger paint is another super fun kids activity. Kids can help mix up the paint and use it to design creations on art paper or even on the sidewalk! This homemade glitter finger paint is completely water soluble and won’t leave permanent residue behind.

How to make your own glitter finger paint for kids

Paint Glitter Fingernails

Glitter is also great for fingernails. My girls enjoy picking out their favorite 3-free nail polish colors and watching me paint their nails. They are still a bit young to paint their own nails but we regularly enjoy afternoon spa days at home.

Glitter makes everything more fun, whether it’s a toy set, DIY glitter slime or nail polish!

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