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Family Fun Center in Tukwila, WA

One of the trickiest things about traveling with young kids can be finding activities for them to enjoy. After a long day in the car my kids are ready to get out and run or do something fun! We recently visited the Seattle area in Washington state and we stayed near Tukwila’s Family Fun Center. This pacific northwest family travel destination has something for all ages. My younger kids enjoyed the kids rides and climbing on the massive play structure. Family Fun Center activities for older kids and teenagers include laser tag, bowling, the XD Theater Experience with different shows you can choose from, bumper cars, go karts and arcade games!

This post is sponsored by the Tukwila Family Fun Center. All opinions are our own.

Tukwila Family Fun Center arcade

Tukwila Family Fun Center near Seattle

Climbing Play Structure

It’s always fun to find a family activity with attractions for kids of different ages. My 2-year-old enjoyed climbing up this huge play structure complete with slides, tunnels, curvy tubes, wide stairs and padded walls. Big sister was able to help my little boy through the harder parts of this play structure but it’s also generously sized so an adult could easily get up there to rescue a stuck child. My kids thought it was so fun to be able to climb so high and slide down the slides!

Tukwila Family Fun Center climbing play structure

Kids Rides & Bumper Cars

My 5-year-old went on both of the Drop & Twist and Frog Hopper kids’ rides which takes riders up to dizzying heights before being dropped and bounced up and down. At the top of the rides you get a great view of the whole Family Fun Center!

Tukwila Family Fun Center kids ride

These kid-sized rides are fun for a wide age range of riders.

Tukwila Family Fun Center arcade Seattle visit

I enjoyed riding on the bumper cars with my daughter. Kids must meet a height requirement because they get to operate their own bumper car. Once strapped in, each bumper car is easy to maneuver using the stick controls. My 5-year-old quickly got the hang of driving her bumper car around and crashing into me. The ride also lasted long enough for kids to get used to steering their bumper car and be able fully enjoy the ride experience. The LED lights in the shadowed corner of the Family Fun Center create a festive ambiance.

Tukwila Family Fun Center bumper cars

Go Karts

The Tukwila Family Fun Center has two types of driving attractions; Mini Cars that kids can drive themselves and Go Karts designed for older kids and adults. We tried both. The Traffic School Mini Cars run around a small street-themed track and kids can bump into each other similar to bumper cars. These kids cars are fun for children to try driving a car all by themselves.

Tukwila Family Fun Center kids go karts

My daughter and husband also took a Go Kart around the Family Fun Center racetrack. Kids and adults can drive these Go Karts around the large track and hairpin turns. The track is surrounded by a barrier of tires so riders stay on the track as they practice their driving skills.

Tukwila Family Fun Center go karts

Other outdoor Family Fun Center attractions include the Screamin’ Swing which takes you through the air at 65 miles an hour on a thrilling ride.

Families can play 36 holes of Miniature Golf within 2 courses at the Tukwila Family Fun Center. Choose from either the Memory Lane 18 hole course or the Arctic Adventure 18 hole course.

The Family Fun Center’s eight Batting Cages range from 40 mph to 70 mph and include softball or baseball options. Helmets and bats are also available.

Enjoy a wild ride in motorized Bumper Boats on water. Kids can soak their friends with the water squirters, bump into other boaters or evade being trapped near the falls.

Tukwila Family Fun Center near Seattle WA

Arcade Games

After riding the Go Karts, we played several of the arcade games to win prizes and tickets. My little guy was enamored by this dinosaur chomping shark game. Kids can easily play this game because all they need to do is use the lever to position the dinosaur’s head and push the drop button to chomp a shark. My 2-year-old boy thought this game was super cool! (and he went home with two sharks)

Tukwila Family Fun Center dinosaur arcade game

Tukwila Family Fun Center dinosaur claw game

My daughter got some target practice in shooting dinosaurs on the Jurassic Park video arcade game. Each Family Fun Center arcade game you play earns you tickets which you can cash in at the end of your visit for prizes!

Tukwila Family Fun Center dinosaur arcade game

Digital Tokens & Tickets

Speaking of arcade games, points and tickets, The Family Fun Center has a really convenient system for tracking your game tokens and tickets. When you arrive at the activity center you buy a card that’s loaded with money (tokens) and each game, activity and attraction you do uses up part of your card’s balance. Instead of using arcade tokens, you can simply swipe your card to access the activity or play the game. You can also check your card’s balance at one of the convenient consoles. When you are ready to leave, just take your card to the prize station to claim prizes for your game tickets. Pretty neat, right?

Tukwila Family Fun Center token card scanner

One of my daughter’s favorite games was this rainbow ball claw. She loves anything rainbow and this game was fun because she could keep trying until she won!

Tukwila Family Fun Center rainbow ball game

Arcade Game Prizes

Once you’ve used up your card balance you can cash in your tickets for prizes. Just swipe your card to find out how many tickets you’ve earned! Claiming your prizes is always a fun way to end a visit to the Family Fun Center!

Tukwila Family Fun Center arcade prizes

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to the Family Fun Center in Tukwila and we would definitely go back to this family travel destination in the Seattle, Washington area! The Family Fun Center is a great choice for a family day, birthday party, or activity to reward your child for a special accomplishment.

Family Fun Center Tukwila rainbow lollypop

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Elaine Buonsante
Elaine Buonsante
3 years ago

This is within driving distance from our home…what a great outing for us. Thanks for the review!