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Family Off-Roading Adventure in Ouray, Colorado

This summer my husband took our family adventures to a whole new level! Our recent road trip took us to the mountain trails in Ouray, Colorado. Before our family vacation, my husband carefully outfit our RZR off-road vehicle with harasses and seat belts for the whole family. Once in the mountains, we explored several of the easiest trail routes and saw some gorgeous views! Some parts were a bit bumpier than my kids preferred but they were troopers and they will hopefully remember some of these amazing adventures!

Beautiful mountain views and offroading adventure in Ouray Colorado

Mountain Paths Off-Roading Adventure in Ouray Colorado

Many of the mountain trails were easy to navigate with a Jeep. We had no problem exploring the paths in our smaller RZR off-road vehicle.

Family Off-Roading Adventure in Ouray Colorado

Exploring mountain paths allow you to see so many amazing views. The weather in Ouray, Colorado was absolutely perfect in June!

Beautiful mountain views in Ouray Colorado

Off-Roading Adventure in Ouray Colorado

Columbines are Colorado’s state flower. These gorgeous blue blooms were growing everywhere! It’s no surprise that these were one of my favorite flowers when I was growing up in Colorado.

Beautiful and wild columbines in Beautiful mountain views in Ouray Colorado mountains

Beautiful wild columbines in Ouray Colorado

Beautiful columbines and mountain views in Ouray Colorado

My little guy enjoyed perching on the mountain side and taking in the view.

Gorgeous Views & Off-Roading Adventure in Ouray Colorado

Family Off-Roading Mountain Adventure in Ouray Colorado

My husband does quite a bit of off-roading by himself but adventures are always more fun when you can bring the whole family along!

We keep the kids safe on our off-road adventures by gearing up with helmets, safety harnesses and seat belts. And of course daddy is a responsible driver.

Fun Off-Roading Adventure in Ouray Colorado

We love going on family-friendly adventures and having an off-road vehicle really opens up options for places we can explore. Hopefully our kids will grow up with a healthy sense of adventure!

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2 years ago

This looks so impressive and fun! I’m not a big expert in outdoors but it sure looks very fun!

2 years ago

This is such a coincidence. My BFF is in Colorado now and I was speaking to get last night. I just asked her, “so what does it look like in CO?” AND I come across your blog and wonderful photos! It’s as beautiful as she described! Those flowers are so… Read more »

2 years ago

What an amazing ADVENTURE! What I love about this is the Colorado’s state flower with gorgeous blue! Really love the beautiful landscape with layers of mountains around.