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How to Be an Everyday Princess

My girls love being a princess. Everyday they dress up as a ballerina princess, a fairy princess or just a regular princess. The life of a princess is more than just dancing and singing along with birds. My princesses go on adventures, try new things, learn life skills, read lots of books and practice being respectful and kind. Here are some important things we teach our girls about being an everyday princess.

Go on Adventures Through Books

Just like Belle discovered, books can open up a whole new world. Although my girls can’t read yet, they like looking at picture books about all sorts of things; the weather, volcanoes, how flowers grow, colors and shapes. And of course, stories can take you to imaginative places and faraway lands. Books can help kids develop a love for learning at a young age and make discovering new things fun!

How to be an Everyday Princess - leaning new things by reading books

Eat Healthy Meals

I try to encourage my little girls to eat healthy foods by limiting which foods we bring in the house. For breakfast we often enjoy low-sugar cereal, fresh fruit and hard boiled eggs. Lunch often includes a cheese quesadilla, Greek yogurt, healthy smoothie and banana or orange. For dinner we make stir-fry, grilled chicken or ground beef tacos. The key is to cook meals using wholesome ingredients rather than opening pre-made packages of food which often contain sodium and preservatives. Little princesses need healthy food to grow big and strong, and more importantly need to practice healthy eating habits. Learn to choose fresh foods over junk food!

How to Be an Everyday Princess - choose healthy foods

Take Care of Your Hair

For awhile my little girls resisted having their hair brushed. I told them if they are going to have long and beautiful hair they need to learn how to take care of it. Moms can make hair care easier for their kids by choosing some kid-friendly hair products. Hair detangler and a wet brush are basic essentials for little girls with long hair. My little princesses like the Fairy Tales kids hair styling products, which smell good and leave their hair feeling silky.

How to be an Everyday Princess - Take Care of your Hair with Fairy Tale kids hair products

Fairy Tales Curly-Q Hydrating Shampoo is easy to massage into kids hair and rinse out. It’s gentle and made with ingredients such as quinoa, avocado butter and jojoba. This kid-friendly shampoo also helps take care of delicate curls. Follow it with Fairy Tales Curly-Q Hydrating Conditioner for silky smooth hair that’s left with a pleasant botanical fragrance.

Fairy Tales kids hair style products

The Fairy Tales Curly-Q Styling Spray gel helps smooth flyaways and tame my daughter’s easily teased hair at the back of her head. Especially in humid weather, a gentle styling spray is very helpful for giving kids a simple play-friendly hairstyle.

Fairy Tales Curly-Q styling spray gel

Learn Life Skills with a Chore Chart

My kids love chore charts. They enjoy checking off the boxes and receiving a sticker for completing all their tasks. If they finish a whole week of chores, my little princesses can choose a small prize from our treasure box. A kid’s chore chart can include simple every day tasks. Use clip art to represent chores for kids who can’t read yet.

Print off this princess chore chart printable!

Kids will be excited to complete all their chores for each day of the week! Chores include get dressed, make the bed, brush your teeth, pick up toys and do one extra task. Yay!

Kids can check off each task and receive a sticker for completing their chores each day!

Kids chore chart to earn rewards

It’s not hard to be an everyday princess who is eager to help and learn through play. Many little girls love to dress up but the prettiest thing about a little princess is her smile!


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