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Off-Road Adventure at 7-Mile ORV Park

What’s better than a sunny day, open trails and family time together? We took our kids to the 7-Mile ORV Park near Spokane, Washington. I was very impressed by the variety of terrain we found there. Our kids had a blast on their ATVs, practicing the skills they learned a few weeks before in their off-road safety class.

Unloading kids ATVs at the 7-Mile ORV Park near Spokane, Washington

When we first arrived at 7-Mile ORV Park, we found a place to park and off-loaded the kids’ ATVs. We also brought our RZR 800. Our kids were eager to hit the trail. They first tried out the beginner’s course by the parking lot, which was a network of flat trails separated by bunting with bright yellow flags.

Off-Roading Adventure with Kids!

Beginners course at 7-Mile ORV Park near Spokane Washington

The beginners course at 7-Mile ORV Park was a fun place for our kids to take a few laps around the tracks before we headed out to the rest of the trails. Our kids 90cc and 125cc ATVs were the perfect size for these practice trails.

7-Mile ORV Park near Spokane Washington beginners course

Wooded Forest Trails

Next, we headed out to the forest trails located right next to the parking lot. These flat trails at 7-Mile ORV Park are well maintained. In May when we visited, the trails were lined with wildflowers and tall grasses. Although sandy, these trails weren’t very dusty. We saw hardly anyone else the day we visited this off-road vehicle park, and our girls enjoyed leading the way.

Beautiful wooded trails at Spokane ORV park

Riding with kids at Spokane 7-Mile ORV Park

Although driving ATVs may look easy, it’s very important for kids to be aware of their surroundings. Our kids took an off-road safety class taught by a local instructor in our town, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They learned safety tips for off-road riding such as not to follow another rider too closely, how to stop and start on a hill and how to turn sharply.

Sandy Hills

The sandy hill trails and small sand dunes at the 7-Mile ORV Park were our favorite area. My kids took turns riding down these steeper trails and driving back up the hills. Even our 4-year-old son did great on his 50cc ATV. However, the strain ended up being too much on the mechanics of this smaller ATV and it broke down.

7-Mile ORV Park adventure with kids

Fortunately, if an ATV breaks down on the trail, it can be fairly simple to tow it back! We happened to have a tow strap on-board the RZR. Our 7-year-old daughter sat on the 50cc ATV to steer while being towed behind the RZR and we made it back to the truck in no time!

Towing kids 50cc ATV at at the off-road vehicle park

Network of Paths

After the minor mishap of one of our kid’s ATVs breaking down, we headed out to another side of the off-road vehicle park. This place has such a great variety of terrain to explore. We found plenty of kid-friendly trails and routes to take. Of course, there were narrower and steeper paths which we went around. However, it was fun to be able to choose from routes of a variety of difficulty levels.

Fun dirt trails at the ORV park near Spokane, Washington

Off-road riding with kids near Coeur d'Alene Idaho

As the mom, I went along for the ride. However, I discovered that my kids really have learned so much in their short time riding their ATVs. Our kids ages 7, 5 and 4 are great drivers and they are confident while also being cautious. I really appreciate resources like the Idaho OHV safety class they took, which reinforced basic safety skills and really helped my kids grow in their confidence.

Fun day at the off-road vehicle park near Spokane, Washington

We had a great day at the 7-Mile ORV Park near Spokane, Washington! I love that we live in an area with so many beautiful places we can explore, so close to home.

Off-road riding family adventure


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