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Meet American Girl Felicity Merriman – 1774 BeForever Doll – 2017 Release

Felicity Merriman is brave, adventurous and loyal to her friends and family. This classic character was one of the original American Girl dolls. The original set included Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman and Addy Walker. Felicity Merriman is one of my favorite American Girl characters, and I was bummed when Mattel archived her. However, American Girl re-released the Felicity doll and story set as a 2017 BeForever character! We received this doll for review, as well as some of Felicity’s historical outfits and darling accessories.

American Girl Felicity Merriman doll review

1774 Colonial Williamsburg

Felicity Merriman’s story happens in colonial Williamsburg in 1774. It was a much simpler time with much less technology. Additionally, America was on the brink of the Revolutionary War (1775 to 1783) and in the midst of political upheaval. The American Girl Felicity doll and book set is a great collectible for several reasons.

2017 American Girl Felicity Merriman Beforever Doll

First, Felicity is a tomboyish and adventurous character who many girls can relate to. Her lack of freedom and the ladylike manners and customs of the time often annoy her. Felicity believes in fighting for what she values. Sometimes she wavers between being brave and foolish in her actions. Her story brings to life an important piece of US history in a way which girls can connect with. I think it’s great for kids to learn about history through memorable stories.

American Girl doll Felicity Merriman 1774

Felicity Merriman 1774 Williamsburg dress

Historical Fashions & Doll Accessories

Also, Felicity is fun to dress up in her darling outfits and accessories! The Felicity American Girl doll comes with a beautiful blue dress. The Williamsburg-inspire style is gathered in the back and accented on the front with a contrasting yellow panel. Evidently, embroidery was a popular way of decorating dresses in colonial Williamsburg. These historical dress designs often coordinated bright jewel colors and bold patterns.

American Girl Felicity doll in the box

American Girl Felicity has simple brown buckle shoes

I love the look of Felicity Merriman’s 1774 style dress. It’s embellished with intricate details such as the bustle in the back and a colorful floral pattern. The Felicity doll also comes with simple leather buckle shoes and white socks.

Sold separately, Felicity’s accessories kit includes a straw hat, white bonnet and shawl. It also comes with her signature coral bead necklace.

Felicity Merriman American Girl doll and accessories

Finally, Felicity’s stories are historical yet also timeless. I have many special memories of reading the Felicity books as a little girl. Most recently, I’ve been reading these books with my own girls! The Felicity Merriman doll and book set is a great gift idea for any girl who loves playing with American Girl dolls.

Felicity Merriman American Girl doll review 1774 Williamsburg


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