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Meet American Girl Kira Bailey – 2021 Girl of the Year

American Girl’s 2021 Girl of the Year is an adventurer at heart. She has many adventures in Australia while helping out at a wildlife sanctuary for the summer. We had a chance to review the new Kira Bailey doll and her comfy camping tent. True to the American Girl collection, each item of this playset has beautiful details, including Kira’s outfits and accessories.

My girls love the American Girl collection because these dolls are fun to go on adventures with and make up stories. Kira is perfect for taking along on a 3-month RV road trip, which we embarked on in January to go explore the natural beauty in Arizona. Whether bound for Arizona or Australia, the Kira doll comes ready for venturing into the wilderness.

Meet Kira Bailey American Girl doll

2021 Girl of the Year Kira Bailey

Like the other American Girl dolls, Kira Bailey comes in her own branded AG box along with the first book of her collection. Her outfit coordinates with a set of accessories, which you can buy separately. My girls really enjoyed unboxing Kira and her accessories, and setting up her platform camping tent.

American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey doll and accessory set

The Kira Bailey doll comes wearing a pastel tie-dye inspired knit top with embroidered details and a tie in the front. She also has dark green pleated shorts, pink socks, and tan hiking shoes with orange laces. Her outfit is cheerful and also practical for getting work done.

American Girl Kira Bailey has wavy blond hair and green eyes. She comes with her hair half up and twisted back. Like other American Girl dolls, Kira has a soft body and vinyl arms and legs. She’s 18 inches tall.

American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey doll and outfit

Kira Bailey doll 2021 American Girl of the Year wavy blond hair

Kira’s Outfit & Accessories

The Kira doll comes in her box wearing a knit top that ties in the front. The tie-dye light blue and pink design is both colorful and whimsical. Kira’s top is embellished with embroidered designs along the shoulders.

Kira’s outfit includes dark green shorts that have panels and silver buttons. The back of the shorts looks like a skirt, and the front has two different panels of fabric.

The Kira doll’s outfit includes cute hiking boots, pink socks and a pink beaded wrap bracelet. Her bracelet also works as a necklace and adds a cheerful bit of sparkle to her outfit. Kira’s practical yet stylish outfit is a great choice to wear while taking care of baby animals in the Australian bush.

American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey doll wrap bracelet

Bright Colors & Cute Details

I love seeing what American Girl comes up with next for each doll release and their accessory sets. Kira’s colorful shoes spare no detail and look just like real sneakers, with their tan faux leather, teal details and orange soles and laces.

Kira doll hiking shoes

Even Kira’s shorts are detailed with silver buttons, and the paneled design gives otherwise ordinary shorts an updated style.

American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey doll pleated shorts and wrap bracelet

Kira’s accessory set comes with a pink backpack, a koala charm, a collection of postcards and a tan felt hat. Kira can wear her backpack to stow her stuff, and wear the hat to keep the Australian sun out of her eyes.

American Girl Kira Bailey felt hat blond hair

Kira Bailey camping tent American Girl play set

Platform Camping Tent to Sleep Under the Stars

Last but not least, Kira’s platform camping tent comes with everything she needs for comfortably sleeping out under the stars. My girls were very excited to unbox this American Girl play set and set it up. Kira’s Comfy Camping Tent comes with a mattress, bedspread and pillows. The tent also has a wash stand with a sink and storage for towels and toiletries. The sides of the tent have pink mesh panels and the top of the tent is cloth.

American Girl comfy camping tent washstand

Other fun camping tent accents include a hanging mirror, postcard clips, wild flowers of Australia wall art, a welcome sign, a flickering lantern, and a fuzzy white ottoman.

This American Girl camping tent is really easy to set up, and you can remove the poles, cloth roof and mesh sides for easy storage. The base is the bulkiest part of this tent. The steps are also easy to remove, they slide off with a gentle tug.

American Girl comfy camping tent

Super Cute Details

I really love the adorable details of the furniture and decorations in Kira’s camping tent. The mirror is reflective and the postcards really clip onto the postcard display. Additionally, the wild flowers of Australia wall art is really pretty. It can hang on any of the small hooks that attach to the camping tent’s horizontal poles.

Finally, the pink bedspread coordinates perfectly with the design of this glamping tent, and the koala pillow for the bed is a perfect decorative accent!

Kira Bailey comfy camping tent bed

My girls Kiera and Sylvie are going to have a lot of fun playing with this camping tent on our RV trip, and at home. They already set it up in the Arizona desert and took Kira on a few adventures. They also brought their pals Blaire, Luciana and TrulyMe doll Lily along for the ride!

American Girl Kira Bailey comfy camping tent

What is your favorite thing about Kira Bailey’s collection or her platform camping tent?


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