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5 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

An organized life is often a happier life. It’s easy to take simple steps towards structuring your day for success, starting with when you first wake up! This year I’m reducing the clutter in our home, identifying ways we can stay more organized, and minimizing the habits that create stress in our family. I’m a mom of 3 young kids and I have to keep my morning routine fairly simple while also completing the tasks to get ready for the day! Here are my tips for simplifying my morning routine even with kids underfoot.

Keep All your Essentials in the Same Place

How frustrating is it to not be able to find your moisturizer or mascara? My kids get into everything including my makeup, so I have to make sure to keep all my daily essentials together and out of their reach. You can easily store all your morning essentials in one bin in the closet or in a drawer that is out of kids’ reach so you can complete your morning hygiene routine quickly and seamlessly. My morning essentials include facial moisturizer and makeup, contact lenses and eye drops, a simple hair smoothing serum, my hair straightener, natural deodorant, and my go-to lip gloss.

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Easy ways to simplify your morning routine - Mommy Scene

Low Key Hair Style

I can’t tell you how many times hair stylists have encouraged me to start a hair care routine that involves volumizing, blow drying, smoothing, curling, etc, etc. Whhhatt? Do you know how many kids I have?? I’m lucky if I get a chance to look in the mirror. I also feel much better if I can maintain some assemblance of keeping up my appearance even if I don’t plan on leaving the house that day. My daily hair routine includes quickly brushing, applying a quick hair volumizer, and using my hair straightener. The innovative Tyme Iron is a great all-in-one hair tool for quickly straightening or curling your hair, depending on the style you want to achieve.

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Tyme Iron makes beautiful curls every day possible - Mommy Scene review

Shower the Night Before

This is my best tip; I don’t really understand how moms with young kids can shower in the morning unless they get up super early. I shower the night before, let my hair dry during the night, and then just brush it out in the morning. I have fairly straight hair so I don’t have to deal with a lot of frizz from letting it air dry. Showering the night before and taking care of all my hygiene tasks such as shaving, plucking my eyebrows, etc, saves a lot of time during my morning routine which is much more likely to get interrupted by one of my tiny fans.

Streamline Your Closet

If your closet is a disaster, it could take awhile for you to get dressed in the morning. I just recently went through my closet and donated everything I hadn’t worn in the last year and a half. If I did save something I haven’t recently worn, I made a mental note of when I would wear it. Closets can be stockpiles of useless stuff that you save “just in case”, for the future, or out of sentimentality. These tendencies don’t lead to a happy, organized, uncluttered life. Kids aren’t happy in disorganized homes and old unused stuff inhibits obtaining new, useful things. I find it helpful to let go of my stuff and focus my attention instead on serving the people in my life. Declutter by only saving your favorite outfits and basics that coordinate well together. If you have somewhere to be in the morning, lay out your outfit the night before so you can easily breeze through your morning routine, without being stumped by outfit choices.

How to organize your closet - Mommy Scene

Mommy fashion basics and Matila Jane dresses for women - Mommy Scene

Classic Go-To Accessories

While you’re decluttering, organize your accessories and keep classics that can go with any outfit. I love jewelry and accessories that are easy to put on and eye catching without being too fragile or irreplaceable. My accessories fit well within my busy, sometimes chaotic mommy life. Willamy wrap bracelets are beautiful accessories that coordinate with casual outfits and formal dresses. These Willamy bracelets are such statement pieces that it’s no surprise that they’ve been seen gracing the arms of Celebrities! I love the simple style of these wrap bracelets, available in so many colors and variations, from muted neutrals to sparkly blues and pinks, and bold purples and blacks. Each bracelet closes with button type fastener; some Willamy bracelets have a simple button and others feature sparkly rhinestone jewels!

Williamy leather wrap bracelet - Mommy Scene

This Copper Splash style bracelet is elegant and beautiful, made with genuine leather cording and gorgeous glass beads. The 3 button hole design makes the bracelet adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. Simply unbutton the bracelet, wrap it around your wrist 5 times, and then slip the button into the correct button hole.

Gorgeous Williamy leather wrap bracelet - Mommy Scene

Willamy leather bracelets are available in many colors and styles. These leather wraps come with either crystal, glass, wood, and natural stone beads tightly woven in place. Did you know that the Willamy collection is a Hollywood favorite? The bracelet collection has made appearance on shows like Entertainment Tonight, Rising Star, and The Ellen Show!

Willamy bracelet designs are beautiful, the quality is excellent, and the price point is affordable! Willamy also has a collection of bracelets for kids (my favorite is the customizable name bracelet) and a masculine collection of leather and wood bracelets for men. Also, the company stands behind their product with a 1 year replacement guarantee!

Williamy leather wrap bracelets are a classic basic for any mom's wardrobe - Mommy Scene

I hope you enjoyed our tips for a healthy and organized start to your day. Moms and ladies without kids can all benefit from these morning tips, since we all have morning routines and busy lives!

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Tanvi Rastogi
Tanvi Rastogi
5 years ago

Those are some great ideas. I like simply hairstyles myself, but I definitely need to take a shower to look presentable … haha


5 years ago

I am the master of the low key hairstyle and showering the night before is definitely my go-to strategy if I know I’m going to have a particularly crazy morning.