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Simple Beauty Tips for Your Hair, Skin & Immunity

What does your morning routine look like? For me, mornings are usually rushed as I’m trying to help kids and get myself ready for the day. I’m not one of those moms who wakes up far before my kids, mostly because I work at night when I can be most productive. I still want to take care of my skin, hair and immunity so I need to find simple solutions that allow me to maximize my time and healthy routines. Here are some of my latest health and beauty care favorites that I’ve been using this fall!

Silky Hair All Year Round

Healthy hair can be affected by changing seasons. Summer sun can make hair lighter but also damage your locks. Winter hair can feel dull and dry. I love using products that help restore my hair all year long by re-moisturizing my locks and boosting natural shine. My hair is generally straight and thin but I have a lot of hair. I regularly straighten my hair which means I need a product that will help counteract all that heat. PHILIP B Creme of the Crop Hair Finishing Creme smoothes out frizz, calms down fly-aways and reduces static. A dab of this multi-purpose hair finishing creme defines a finished style with supple hold and shine.

PHILIP B Creme of the Crop Hair Finishing Creme for silky hair - Mommy Scene

This product is formulated with silk proteins, hydrosoy 2000, and extracts of carrot and vanilla to help manage unruly hair. PHILIP B Creme of the Crop Hair Finishing Creme goes on smoothly without a greasy feel; a little also goes a long way! Apply a dab onto your fingers, rub your fingers to together to distrubute and lightly stroke your hands over your hair, applying evenly throughout your hair. I like to apply this finishing creme as a final touch to my daily hairstyle after straightening.

Vivo Skincare tips for healthy glowing skin - Mommy Scene

Healthy Glowing Skin

I love using these products as part of my daily skincare routine. I’ve been using the Vivo Skincare Vitamin C + Amino Collection consistently for the last month or so and it’s made an amazing difference with my skin. I was not blessed with naturally unblemished skin as a teenager and some of that acne and oily/dry combination skin has continued into adulthood.

Boost your healthy glowing skin with Vivo Skincare - Mommy Scene

Vivo Skincare Vitamin C + Amino Collection includes Milk Cleanser, Day Moisturizer, Night Repair, Repairing Serum, and Body Cream. I received all of these products to try except the day moisturizer and they are fabulous! These skincare products are light weight, moisturizing and gentle on my skin. I’ve seen my acne breakouts and dry skin decrease significantly. I usually check my face for blemishes proactively so I can address them before they truly break out and I’ve had to really peer at my skin to find any. My favorite Vivo Skincare products include:

Vivo Skincare Milk Cleanser is soft and gentle while cleansing with a smooth lather. It doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. With regular use each morning and night, my skin looks brighter and feels refreshed.

Vivo Skincare Night Repair is perfect for moisturizing my face while I sleep. It’s not greasy but it is denser than daily moisturizer, so it is best used at night after I take off my makeup. This night repair moisturizer rejuvenates my face and makes my skin much softer and less dry the next morning.

Beauty Tips Vivo Night Cream moisturizer - Mommy Scene

Vivo Skincare Repairing Serum is formulated to illuminate your complexion while addressing common signs of aging. I especially like this silky elixir because it provides a smooth surface to apply makeup on top of. I use this repairing serum after I wash my face and before applying my foundation and concealer. It contains amino acids, Palm Oil and Wheat Germ Oil to leave your skin looking radiant with a velvety soft feel.

Vivo Skincare milk cleanser, repairing serum, and night cream - Mommy Scene

Homemade Chocolate Facial Mask

Often my daughter and I like to have a spa day. A DIY Chocolate Mask is one of our favorite pampering activities to whip up! A chocolate face mask is easy to make with a handful of ingredients.

  • 2 tbsp. chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp. olive oil
  • 1 drop of peppermint oil

Melt the chocolate and mix in the olive oil and peppermint oil. Once cooled to warm, simply paint this luxurious homemade facial mask onto your face using a medium craft paint brush. Gently rinse off and pat your face dry. I’d recommend avoiding your eye area and nostrils. Also be careful to not get chocolate on clothing or nice towels since it can stain. A chocolate mask facial is super fun to make and apply as a fun pampering spa activity!

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Homemade Chocolate Facial Mask - Mommy Scene

Immunity Boosting Supplements

It’s important for us mommies to take care of our kids and ourselves too! I try to mix up healthy smoothies, eat foods with fresh ingredients and regularly take my vitamins. Along with a daily multi-vitamin, it can be helpful to take a supplement that boots your energy or supports your immunity. Sho Vitamins offers both supplements.

sho BALANCE is gluten-free, vegan probiotics that can help boost your immunity by supplementing good bacteria in your gut. Made from fermented rice probiotics, it’s clinically effective with 100 billion CFU and easy to swallow in a gel capsel.

Sho Balance probiotics - Mommy Scene

Probiotics can be an effective way to balance your system and help your immunity, especially during flu and cold season. I definitely feel the effects when I skip taking my vitamins and probiotics. These supplements are easy to swallow and should be taken with food.

You can also naturally boost energy with sho ENERGY+: B Vitamins & Matcha which helps fight fatigue, poor memory and brain fog. These capsuels combine B Vitamins at clinically effective doses and Matcha for sustained energy. Both of these sho supplements come in a daily tracking dispenser.

Sho Balance probiotics for a healthy immunity - Mommy Scene

What are your favorite skincare/hair care products and beauty tricks for face, skin, and boosting your immunity? I’d love to hear your tips shared in the comments.

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