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Lessons from Disney Princesses who Lived with Social Distancing

We all know the fairytale stories. But have you ever thought about what it was like to live as one of the Disney Princesses during their years of “waiting” for their happily-ever-after? Many of these heroines spent years tucked away in a forest, a tower, or a castle. Others lived in a world filled with people who didn’t understand them. Each beloved Disney Princess could likely tell us a thing or two about living in isolation.

Belle – Patience & Bravery

Belle lived in a small town for years before she finally found her adventure and ultimately, her Prince. She was labeled as odd and didn’t enjoy the camaraderie one might expect from growing up in a small community. Nevertheless, she found solace in her books and stories of adventure. These tales likely emboldened her to enter and explore the Beast’s castle. Belle responded to adversity with kindness, wisdom and bravery. In the end, Belle’s patience paid off and she found acceptance and love, which is better than any kingdom.

Belle was isolated in a small town - social distancing lessons from a Disney Princess

Cinderella – Courage & Kindness

Cinderella not only spent her time in isolation, but she was forced to serve a household for years who didn’t care about her. She often responded to her step-sisters’ demands cheerfully and with resolve. In the live-action movie, Cinderella’s dying mother tells her to “have courage and be kind.” At the ball, she won her Prince with her sweet attitude and enchanted style. Cinderella’s example shows us that we can hope for a better future, while working hard and doing our best.

Cinderella worked hard for years - social distancing lessons from a Disney Princess

Aurora – Grace & Humility

Although she was born a princess, Aurora certainly wouldn’t have known it. She lived her childhood and half of her teenage years hidden in a forest with three mothering fairies. She presumably spent quite a lot of time alone outdoors, where she made friends with all sorts of forest animals. As promised at her birth, Aurora grew in beauty and grace. Far away from the pomp of court, her attitude was likely influenced by her humble surroundings. After all, not having much sometimes encourages creativity and contentment with what you do have.

Princess Aurora grew up in a forest - social distancing lessons from a Disney Princess

Ariel – Curiosity & Resourcefulness

Arial was definitely a wild card in Disney’s line-up of princesses. The whole story of The Little Mermaid revolves around Arial wanting to leave her kingdom and become someone else; a human. Whether she suffered from curiosity or boredom, Ariel created a lot of drama to achieve her dream. Nevertheless, she spent quite a bit of time distancing herself from her family and going on adventures with Flounder and Sebastian. I wonder what she would say she learned, at the end of it all?

Ariel felt isolated in her own kingdom - Disney princesses who lived with social distancing

Rapunzel – Creativity

This maiden trapped in a tower is by far one of our favorite Disney Princesses. She’s spunky, creative and glows with energy. Rapunzel provides us with lots of ideas of what do with hours of social distancing, while in isolation. Start on the chores, sweep, polish and wax. Do laundry, mop and shine up, read a book, paint, play guitar and knit and cook. Puzzles and darts and baking, paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess. Pottery, ventriloquy, candle making, stretch, sketch, take a climb, sew a dress! Rapunzel certainly crafted herself into a Renaissance queen with many skills during her time in her tower… in between brushing her hair.

Rapunzel learned all sorts of skills while trapped in a tower

Snow White – Unselfishness

Last but not least, Snow White could also tell you all about social distancing and isolation. While she chose to shelter in the woods from the Evil Queen, she spent her time taking care of others. The Seven Dwarves were undoubtedly better fed and cared for during their time with Snow White. And she spent her free time unselfishly helping the dwarves, befriending woodland animals, and singing. Show White shows us that every day can be a good day, with a little determination and a happy heart.

Snow White helped the dwarves - Disney Princesses who lived with social distancing

Wisdom in the Middle of Happily-Ever-After

So there you have it. We could go on with tales of Elsa & Anna, Mulan and Jasmine, but for now we’ll close the storybook. We can all learn character qualities from the Disney Princesses, such as perseverance, kindness and resourcefulness. Look around you today and find an opportunity to serve someone else. Make a friend in an unexpected place. Work hard and do your best. And in all that you do, be kind.

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Lessons from Disney Princesses who lived with social distancing


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