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Andy Pandy Organics Baby Products

Gentle baby products are so helpful for keeping baby’s skin clean and moisturized. It can be hard to find effective products that aren’t filled with synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Andy Pandy Organics offers a line of baby products that’s inspired by love for children and our planet. Andy Pandy Organic Baby Body Wash & Shampoo and Organic Baby Lotion are both mild and made using natural formulas infused with soothing oils, plant-based ingredients and hand-harvested herbs.

Andy Pandy Organic Baby Body Wash & Shampoo and Organic Baby Lotion are each a Winter 2019 Eco Awards Winner! Eco Awards product submissions are evaluated on being sustainable or natural, easy to use and having a great design.
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Andy Pandy Organic Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

Why We Love This! Made with 100% percent natural and organic ingredients, Andy Pandy Organic Baby Body Wash & Shampoo is a great choice for baby bath time. We love the soft fragrance and gentle lather of the Sweet Orange baby wash. Plant-based ingredients such as Rosehip, Chamomile, Sunflower oil and Sweet Almond oil gently wash away dirt without removing moisture. This natural baby wash comes in three delightful varieties; Unscented, Sweet Orange and Lavender.

Andy Pandy Organic Baby Lotion

Andy Pandy Organic Baby Lotion is made of naturally grown and hand-harvested herbs blended to perfection. It does not contain artificial fragrances and colors. This lotion uses Rosehip and Primrose oils to soothe and refresh baby’s skin. Rosehip oil safely regenerates and moisturizes while the Primrose oil nourishes the skin with soothing, anti-inflammatory effect. The gentle fragrance is a refreshing bonus!

Andy Pandy Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Winter Eco Awards

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