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JAVA Skin Care Bloom Lip Duo

What’s more luscious than rose petals and exfoliating coffee grounds? Combine both of these ingredients with cocoa butter and coconut oil to create a lip conditioning experience! The Bloom Lip Duo will make you feel like you are sipping your favorite coffee in a spring rose garden. This natural lip set smooths, plumps and heals while adding a light blush to your lips using only Organic plant-based tint. JAVA Skin Care products uses only the highest quality ingredients and JAVA’s signature Smithsonian Certified Green Coffee. Gently exfoliate with JAVA Skin Care Lip Scrub to smooth, plump and prime your lips. Then follow with JAVA Skin Care Lip Balm to heal and protect while giving your lips a tinted shine!

Java Skin Care Bloom Lip Duo is a Winter 2019 Eco Awards Winner! Eco Awards product submissions are evaluated on being sustainable or natural, easy to use and having a great design.

Eco Awards Top Product badge

JAVA Skin Care Bloom Lip Duo Rose Lip Scrub & Tinted Lip Balm Set

Why We Love This! Using JAVA Skin Care Rose Lip Scrub and Tinted Lip Balm is a flavorful experience. The coffee grounds in the lip scrub provide a java-infused flavor while the sugar sweetly contributes exfoliating texture. The lips are left smoothed and slightly tingly. The coffee also provides one of nature’s most powerful combinations of nutrients and antioxidants. Just a bit of lip scrub is needed for each application, allowing this product to last a long time.

The Tinted Lip Balm goes on lightly and has a fragrance that reminds me of roses with a hit of chocolate. It’s slightly tinted with just a bit of muted rose color. This rose infused lip balm make the lips feel silky and provides a light gloss, which is especially rejuvenating after using the lip scrub. Both of these products are a great skincare basic for anyone who enjoys using lip care products.

Lip scrub ingredients include Organic pure cane sugar, Organic argan oil, Organic ground roasted coffee, Organic red rose petals, Organic ground green coffee, and Organic geranium-rose essential oil

Lip balm ingredients include Organic cocoa butter, Organic coconut oil, Organic argan oil infused with Organic green coffee and Organic roasted coffee, beeswax, Organic beet root powder, Organic pomegranate juice powder, Organic geranium-rose essential oil, and Vitamin E.

JAVA Skin Care Bloom Lip Duo Winter Eco Awards


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