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Valentine’s Day Post Office

Valentine’s Day Post Office

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to share cute cards and sweet messages within your family. One way we’ve enjoyed celebrating is by making a little post office where we can drop our notes. My toddler loves playing in our post office re-purposed from a cardboard box. If you don’t have a big box, you could cut up smaller boxes and tape them together to make the walls of your post office.

Once you have the box (or boxes) put together for your post office, next comes the fun part — decorating! We cut out a window and taped on a colorful construction paper window frame. Some added hearts give our post office a Valentine’s Day touch.

Valentine's Day post office kids project - Mommy Scene

We made an Open/Closed sign by gluing several layers of card stock together to make a double-sided sign. An attached ribbon tied to a piece of cardboard creates a tether, which we slipped into a slit in front of the post office. The free hanging sign can be flipped when the post office is “open” or “closed”.

Older kids would have lots of fun decorating their post office. My young daughter’s involvement was pretty much limited to adding stickers to the inside wall of her post office. She was also excited to be able to color on the walls in there too.

Valentines Day Kids' Post Office - Mommy Scene

As a final touch, we added a mail box to the outside of the post office. It’s removable thanks to a ribbon loop that slips over the prongs of a fork that we taped to the front. Now my little “postal girl” can gather the Valentine’s Day notes from our family in the mail box and place it back on the front of the post office herself!

Kids' V-Day mailbox craft - Mommy Scene

One of my favorite things about holidays is creating traditions to make each celebration exciting and memorable. Making a Valentine’s Day post office is one of those traditions that my daughter looks forward to each year (this one was from a few years ago). Now three years old, I’m sure her creation this year will be as imaginative as she can think up! Stay tuned to see what we come up with to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year!

Cute Kids' Valentines Day Post Office - Mommy Scene

What are some of your favorite ways to include kids in celebrating Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear your ideas shared in the comments!

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Mandy PMi Webber
Mandy PMi Webber

Such a cute idea.

Laura B
Laura B

This is so cute! We have to make a mailbox for my son’s 1st grade Valentine’s party!