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Fun Winter Activities & Treats for Kids

Winter can feel long, especially when your family is cooped up inside with limited available activities and even some winter sickness. It’s important for kids to have an interactive daily routine to feel active and to engage their minds. We had more than a foot of snow for weeks on end this winter, which limited our ability to play outside or even leave the house. With a bit of creativity you can find ways to help your kids enjoy the long weeks of snow and months of winter!

Enjoy Short Outdoor Playtime

Running around in the snow is a great way to burn off energy and enjoy the winter experience. We had 18 inches of snow which makes it hard for kids to walk around outside. To our surprise we learned the kids could walk on top of the snow! My kids enjoy playing outside for 20 minutes at a time with this fun Doughnut snow tube from Big Mouth. The handles allow my girls to pull each other around the yard, as well as take this fun tube for a ride down the neighborhood sledding hill. Indoors, the girls lounge around on this tube and even baby brother has fun climbing on and off of this huge doughnut. We’ve used this tube for several weeks and it hasn’t deflated or needed to be refilled with air. Once the winter is over, we will deflate the doughnut snow tube, fold it up, and pack it away for next year. If you do happen to get a hole in the tube, this Big Mouth snow tube is compatible with any inflatable patch kit.

Big Mouth Doughnut snow tube for kids - Mommy Scene review

Big Mouth Doughnut snow tube and fun winter activities for kids - Mommy Scene

Make Snow Cones with Freshly Fallen Snow

DIY snow cones are easy and fun to make by pouring Jell-O powder onto a bowl of fresh snow. I loved making homemade snow cones as a kid and my girls do too! You can make a snow cone all colors of the rainbow if you have a variety of Jell-O powder.

DIY Jello-o Snow Cones - Mommy Scene

Make Homemade Maple Candy

We made DIY maple candy by boiling real maple syrup until it reached 250 degrees, right below the hard ball stage on the candy thermometer. Once ready, spoon the hot maple syrup over a packed layer of snow and make shapes that will harden into candy, or pour the maple syrup into a silicone mold. Homemade candy is a fun kids’ activity to do with mom’s help during the boiling and pouring process. Kids will be amazed they can make candy out of maple syrup and it’s a great basic cooking lesson!

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Make Homemade Maple Candy - Mommy Scene

Bundle Up and Go to the Park

Snow and cold weather doesn’t mean you have to be home bound! We often bundle the kids up and go on a short & chilly walk, just to stretch our legs and get a chance to breathe the crisp winter air. We also have a swing set that offers convenient backyard play. My little guy stays so cozy in his ergoPouch sleep suit that also makes a great snow suit. This could even be layered under a jacket for added warmth. The sleepsuit bottom zips apart to form individual legs or can be zipped together to make one pouch that keeps legs and feet cozy. The material is thick and warm, offering a safe sleep space for chilly nights or an extra layer for winter daytime play.

ergoPouch sleep suit for babies - Mommy Scene winter kids' activities

Fun winter kids activities - Mommy Scene

Other Winter Activities & Ideas

Go on a family sleigh ride!

On a sunny winter day, bundle up and go on a short family hike through a local snowy forest.

Get out of the house and visit a local dollar theater to see new movies that aren’t yet released on Redbox or Netflix.

Have a family movie night and watch the Trolls movie or Disney’s Jungle Book and make homemade chocolate popcorn.

Go on a scavenger hunt around your house to find things that start with letters of the alphabet.

Have a luxurious spa day with your little girls and give everyone manicures and pedicures.

Play with a sensory box filled with DIY scented sugar sand, small toys and textures for baby, water beads, homemade play snow, or moldable play sand.

Enjoy a themed play day with your kids complete with snacks, games, and imaginative play.

Fun kids' Big Mouth Doughnut snow tube and winter activities - Mommy Scene

What are your favorite ways to enjoy winter with your family? We hope you enjoy trying out some of our fun ideas and kids projects!

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5 years ago

These are some great ideas I can do with my brother!