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Easy DIY Duct Tape Skirt Craft

You have probably heard that duct tape can be used for everything. We even used duct tape to make skirts! It’s especially fun for kids to make something that they can wear. All you need for this fun DIY fashion craft is duct tape!

Easy DIY Kid's Duct Tape Skirt craft project

To make a duct tape skirt, create a sheet of duct tape.

  • Arrange strips of duct tape side by side and lay more strips of duct tape on top, sticking adhesive sides together.
  • Measure around your child’s waste to make a sheet of duct tape that’s long enough to turn into a skirt.
  • Cut the sheet of duct tape into strips, leaving a band along the top to create the waistband.
  • Tape the ends of the sheet of duct tape together to make a skirt.

Make a DIY Duct Tape Skirt

You can decorate the duct tape skirt with colored and patterned duct tape. Duct tape comes in so many colors and designs! We just happened to have this colorful chevron print tape on hand.

Fun DIY Duct Tape Skirt Kid's Activity

You can also attach a layer of tulle to the duct tape skirt, taping it in place on the inside of the skirt.

Easy DIY Duct Tape Skirt Craft

Kids will have lots of fun creating their own fashions with duct tape! The cutting and arranging of the duct tape pieces encourages kids to think critically and practice motor skills while designing their custom duct tape skirt. Young kids can easily do this DIY fashion project with mom’s help.

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DIY Duct Tape Skirt Fashion Design

My girls love dressing up and doing artsy projects together. These DIY duct tape skirts were fun to make and even more fun to wear!

Creative and Easy Kids' Duct Tape Skirt Craft

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3 years ago

This was easy to make. Super cute!

Rachel Mertz
Rachel Mertz
3 years ago

I love this skirt! My friends and I wore home made duct tape skirts to a high school dance once upon a time. They are timeless!