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Sensory Glitter Cloud Dough Kids’ Activity

Sensory Glitter Cloud Dough Kids’ Activity

Kids love sensory activities. This glitter cloud dough is squishy and fun to stretch and mold. It’s not salty like play dough so it won’t dry out little kids’ hands. We made fun sparkly homemade dough with just 3 main ingredients!

Sensory Cloud Dough with 4 ingredients Kids Activity - Mommy Scene

Homemade Glitter Cloud Dough

  • 2 cups Cornstarch
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 cup Hair Conditioner
  • Food coloring and glitter (optional)

Sensory Cloud Dough with Cornstarch and Conditioner Kids Activity - Mommy Scene

Combine the cloud dough ingredients and mix until the dough is moldable and not sticky. Add more cornstarch if it seems too wet or a bit more water if it gets too dry. Mix in a few drops of food coloring and a generous sprinkle of glitter before the dough is entirely mixed. You can knead in extra glitter later but you wouldn’t want to get food coloring on your hands.

How to make glittery Cloud Dough kids' sensory activity - Mommy Scene

Knead your homemade sensory cloud dough until it’s stretchy and soft. The dough will become more moldable as you knead it and the cornstarch fully absorbs the moisture. Using a scented hair conditioner will make your glitter cloud dough smell nice too!

Fun Sensory Glitter Cloud Dough Kids Activity - Mommy Scene

Glitter gives cloud dough a sparkly finish that is fun to squeeze and squish.

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DIY Glitter Cloud Dough Kids Activity - Mommy Scene

Homemade cloud dough is stretchy and spongy. My favorite thing about this conditioner-based dough is that it doesn’t dry out your kids’ hands like homemade play dough can because of the salt. DIY cloud dough smells great if you use a scented conditioner and it’s moisturizing too!

DIY Glitter Cloud Dough Kids Activity - Mommy Scene

We had lots of fun playing with homemade glitter cloud dough in our water table. This kids water play table is perfect for containing messes and giving the kids a play space outside.

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Cloud Dough Kids Sensory Activity - Mommy Scene

We made sparkly purple and blue cloud dough, my girls’ favorite colors!

Sensory Glitter Cloud Dough Kids Backyard Activity - Mommy Scene

Cloud dough is easy to make and it helps entertain kids for up to an hour and allows toddlers to practice motor skills and strengthening their hands. You can sort cloud dough balls into cups, make cupcakes with silicone cupcake holders, and cut it up with kids’ utensils. Once you are finished playing with cloud dough, store it in a resealable bag for the next play time!

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Make Cloud Dough with 4 ingredients, a fun sensory activity for kids - Mommy Scene

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