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How to Teach Your Kids to Be Good Friends

It can be tricky for households with young kids to get along, especially as the dynamics change as kids get older or a family brings home a new baby. It’s important to teach kids hands-on values for life as they interact with each other throughout the day. Learning to be cheerful and generous during playtime will benefit kids later in life too!

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Practice Sharing

I encourage our kids to regularly practice sharing. If they have a favorite toy or they are enjoying a treat, it’s a great opportunity to share with their sibling. Sharing is learned over time throughout every day circumstances but the more you practice the easier it gets! Plus it’s fun to see the joy and love created by sharing.

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Teach Responsibility Early

Kids are never too young to learn responsibility. This could be as simple as putting a cup in the dishwasher or watching baby for a few minutes while mommy washes her hands. Kids thrive from being given “tasks” and jobs that they are in charge of. My girls love being in charge of baby brother even if I’m in the room. They watch out for him, find him special toys, help him move around, and bring him his sippy cup. Taking care of siblings is a great way to build affectionate relationships that will blossom into friendships over time. How darling are these cuties in their PAIGELAUREN soft t-shirt and striped dress??

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Encourage Unselfishness

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to encourage unselfishness, for moms too! We give our kids so much of our time and I’m constantly practicing having a content and cheerful attitude. Generosity is the opposite of selfishness. I like to encourage my kids to be eager to share their toys and treats, volunteer to help their siblings, ask others “how was your day?” and look for ways to help around the house. Kids who grow up practicing unselfishness have a great chance at becoming well rounded adults, dependent and responsible employees, and loving husbands or wives. The toddler and preschool years are a great stage to practice sharing and generosity even during small things such as snack time and play dates.

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Practice “I’m Sorry” and Forgiveness

What do kids do when they are frustrated? Often get angry or retaliate. These opportunities are ideal for teaching kids to say “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.” Even if toddlers don’t understand quite what these things mean, the practice will make the habit a lot easier as they get older and deal with larger life issues. Being quick to admit wrong and eager to forgive are great character qualities that extend to the rest of life.

I ask my kids to tell each other they are sorry after an offense and we also practice forgiving an offense. This produces kinder sibling relationships and a more peaceful home. If a child is resistant to being kind, it’s a great opportunity to talk through emotions, why they feel angry, and how that impacts others. Ultimately, only God can change my kids’ hearts; sibling drama is a great opportunity to pray for God to change our hearts and give us eagerness to practice kindness.

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Have Fun Together

Families who have fun together and build memories often have close relationships. I’m excite for my kids to play together and have fun as they get older. I love inspiring their creativity and empowering their ideas, whether it’s building a fort or making a backyard obstacle course. Of course throughout play and fun activities I encourage my kids to look out for each other, let each other go first, and share their favorite toys.

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These two are two peas in a pod, just 15 months apart. I love seeing the affection they have for each other, which we regularly practice through sharing and generosity.

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Cute Kids’ Fashion Picks

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Muffin top mummy
Muffin top mummy
3 years ago

I really liked these tips – teaching how to apologise and forgive is such a good idea from a young age! Also giving responsibility is something I’m really keen to do with my little one.

Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
3 years ago

These are really great tips!

3 years ago

These are great tips! We tried to help the kids become friends when they were very little, but have been struggling lately – we are about 50/50 between playing together and bickering. We need to spend some time on this!

3 years ago

These are great tips to use especially to use to start off in the beginning years.