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6 Reasons Girls Should Take a Ballet Class

Twirling, dancing and skipping around is what little girls do, right? My girls started their self-directed dance careers almost as soon as they could walk; pirouetting through the store and practicing tendus along the curb. As soon as they each turned three, we enrolled our girls in recreational ballet classes. Kids can learn many important things by taking ballet such as following instructions and improving balance and coordination. Additionally, a ballet class is great exercise and a fun excuse to dress up in glittery outfits and dance shoes! Here are six ways little girls can benefit from taking ballet.

Following Instructions

Taking ballet is a great way to teach kids how to follow instructions. Kids recreational ballet classes are often customized for specific age groups. For 3 and 4-year-olds, kids will learn how to follow the teacher’s simple instructions and learn basic ballet steps, such as the plie (plee-ay), releve (ruh-leh-vay) and saute (soh-tay). Because my girls love to dance, they took their early classes very seriously and carefully listened to the teacher. Often a ballet class will teach kids a choreographed dance routine. Older kids will learn more complex ballet moves by following the teacher’s instructions and example.

My little girl loves her ballet class, especially when wearing her glittery dance shoes from Dreamy Dancers. She is light on her feet as she follows along with her teacher.

Ballet teaches kids how to follow instructions - Dreamy Dancers dance shoes


Many little kiddos have trouble balancing, and practice makes perfect! Ballet teaches kids precise if simple ballet moves. Kids can significantly improve their sense of balance when they practice the repetition of simple ballet moves. Ballet class taught my girls how to point and balance on their tippy toes, stand on one foot, and gracefully extend their leg behind them in an arabesque.

Ballet teaches kids coordination - Dreamy Dancers dance shoes


Coordination is another great benefit kids learn by taking ballet. Little girls learn how to precisely move their feet while also gracefully moving their arms and positioning their hands. Ballerinas are required to stand up straight and pay attention to their minor body movements. Even a 10-week recreational ballet class can be so helpful for kids to practice their coordination, which will also help with running and playing at the playground. Kids who learn basic ballet techniques at an early age will be able to quickly advance to more technical (and fun) ballet instruction.


Little girls can always benefit from practicing their gracefulness. Straight posture and graceful movements can go hand in hand with learning manners and etiquette, which are often under-emphasized topics in today’s society. Graceful and precise movements aren’t just for girly girls either; kids who practice the intricacies of ballet can go on to excel in gymnastics and other precision-based activities such as martial arts.

Ballet teaches girls gracefulness - Dreamy Dancers dance shoes

Ballet class is a great way to exercise - Dreamy Dancers dance shoes


Of course, the rigors of ballet and repetition of precise movement is great exercise! My girls are often tired after their hour-long ballet class. Kids will have fun burning energy while twirling, leaping and running the length of the dance studio. Chances are, if your girls love ballet, they will also spend much of the week practicing their moves in all sorts of impromptu settings.

Dressing Up

Finally, the best part of taking a ballet class is dressing up! We’ve rapidly collected a diverse wardrobe of ballet outfits for my daughters’ weekly classes. Often a ballet class will end with a recital and kids can show off the skills they’ve learned. My girls love dressing up in their recital outfits and performing with their class on stage.

Ultimately, ballet shoes that fit well are the most important dance essential. Dreamy Dancers makes glitter dance shoes designed to delight little girls who love to dance. Created by a fellow dance mom, these handcrafted dance shoes combine the love for dance, fashion and glitter. Available in several colors and shoe styles, Dreamy Dancers offers ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes and darling street shoes.

My girls love these shimmery flexible dance shoes. They wear them to class and also a lot at home. The structured canvas protects their feet and the elastic makes these dance shoes easy to slip on and off. Best of all, Dreamy Dancers dance shoes are decorated with show-stopping sparkly glitter!

Many dance classes combine ballet instruction and tap dancing, which requires kids to bring ballet slippers and tap shoes. My daughter packs her dance bag each week with everything she needs for class.

Dreamy Dancers glittery ballet shoes

Ballet is a great recreational activity for kids to practice important developmental skills. My girls have significantly benefited from the training and chance to show off the dance routines they learn.

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Eli Richardson
Eli Richardson
2 years ago

My sister was told that her daughter’s postural muscles are unable to hold her while standing and that she needs to be moving constantly. It says here that ballet could help her improve her sense of balance. with that being set,l I’ll advise hr about signing her up for ballet… Read more »

Sarah Packer
Sarah Packer
2 years ago

My kid is getting older and I want to get her a hobby. I didn’t think about ballet classes, but I would love for her to have great balance and coordination. I’ll have to look for a studio that my daughter can go to!