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Wicked Cool Toys & Gift Ideas for Kids

My kids love collecting tiny toys. They enjoy adding to sets they already have and they love setting up little play sets and making up story lines. My girls typically are able to play pretend around age 3, and now that both my girls are older than 3 they have lots of fun playing together and setting up their toys. We recently discovered some fun play sets from Wicked Cool Toys that feature re-imagined mini versions of the Cabbage Patch dolls. My girls loved checking out the details of these miniature Little Sprouts play sets and also discovering which surprise creatures were inside their Egg Babies!

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Little Sprouts Cabbage Patch Dolls

Wicked Cool Toys designs creative play sets that encourage kids to make up stories and play together. My girls are 2.5 years apart so they pretty much have a constant friend around all the time. They loved opening each Little Sprouts set which included packs of dolls and pets, individual “surprise” dolls inside cabbage holders, and the detailed Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy school set.

Wicked Toys Little Sprouts cabbage patch doll sets for kids

Wicked Toys Little Sprouts Cabbage Patch set for kids

The Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy set includes 1 doll and 3 play areas: Flip Up Study Hall, Classroom and Slide Out Playground. The adorable miniature accessories include 2 desks, 1 chair, a globe, a basketball and a flipping easel. Many of the tiny details are interactive such as opening lockers, math and spelling chalkboard, double sided easel, removable desks, real working swing, basketball and net, a removable slide and miniature globe.

I was impressed with the whimsical quality of this set, which is especially fun if you add some extra character sets to it! My 5-year-old daughter said her favorite details were the upper flip-up classroom and all of the tiny characters.

Wicked Toys Little Sprouts Cabbage Patch school set

Little Sprouts Cabbage Academy from Wicked Cool Toys

Wicked Cool Toys Little Sprouts school set for kids

You can also collect the Little Sprouts friends packs which include kids, babies, pets and tiny accessories. Some of the Little Sprouts sets have hidden surprise characters inside! Surprises are a fun element for kids who are opening the box.

Wicked Toys Little Sprouts for kids

Wicked Toys Little Sprouts Cabbage Patch dolls for kids

My daughters of course loved all the kids characters, babies, and variety of tiny pets. Little Sprouts sets are great stocking stuffers and budget-friendly birthday gifts for kids. These little cabbage surprise packs each have at least one surprise character inside. One of our cabbage surprises had a girl doll and the other contained a baby and a puppy.

Wicked Toys Little Sprouts surprise cabbages for kids

Wicked Cool Toys Egg Babies

If your kids love opening surprises they will also love Egg Babies! These mystery toys consist of a colorful Styrofoam egg with a surprise creature inside. Kids can easily crack open these eggs to find the hidden pal, which could be one of the creatures pictured on the packaging or an entirely surprise creature!

Wicked Cool Toys Egg Babies surprise animals for kids

Crack open a “fur”endly surprise with Egg Babies!

Wicked Toys Egg Babies surprise animals

Egg Babies come in a variety of colors with a hidden creature inside. These fun toys make great gifts for kids who love stuffed animals and they are reasonably priced at $10-$12 (depending on where you buy).

Wicked Cool Toys Egg Babies animals for kids

Which of these toys would your kids love the most? I enjoy helping my kids expand their play sets and add to existing toy collections. Wicked Cool Toys designs like these Little Sprouts and Egg Babies inspire interactive playtime with friends and siblings!

Wicked Toys surprise Egg Babies kids gift idea

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4 years ago

Love this review!

Janis Van Tine
Janis Van Tine
4 years ago

Super adorable Egg Babies and Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts – really adorable!