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Gift Ideas for Mom – Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 9th! Celebrate the mom in your life with a special breakfast, favorite coffee drink, bunch of fresh flowers or a few pampering gifts. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that many women will love!

Mother's Day gift ideas Katie Wallace mom with kids

Family Day Out

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to go on a family adventure! Pack up a special picnic lunch and go on a family walk at a local lake. If your family enjoys the great outdoors, you could take mom on a hike or a family bike ride. Ultimately, I love spending time with my kids and husband on Mother’s Day, regardless of what we do.

Husbands can also involve the kids in making Mother’s Day a special day. Kids can help plan the day and think of fun activities to do with mom.

If your mom (or wife) likes indoor activities, you could take the whole family out on a coffee date. Additionally, you could plan a special night out and go out for dinner at a restaurant your family enjoys. Not having to cook on Mother’s Day is a big bonus for a lot of moms!

Winchester Lake State Park things to do with kids

Homemade Cards

Ask any mom, the handmade cards that our kids make are likely our favorites. I love seeing my kids creativity and affection that go into the cards that my kids make for me. And while I may eventually throw away store bought cards from acquaintances and friends, I definitely keep the cards my kids make!

Kids can easily design a card for mom using cardstock or colored paper, stickers, gel pens, and markers. To get ready for Mother’s Day, dad could encourage kids to make their mom a card one afternoon. Planning ahead is a great way to teach kids how to thoughtfully celebrate mom on Mother’s Day!

Rejuvenating Spa Products

Next, a relaxing spa day at home can be a great activity for moms who already stay home with their kids. I love trying out new bath and body products. This assortment of products from Nature’s Beauty includes all the things to moisturize your skin and feel a little pampered.

Three different collections from Nature’s Beauty include Lavender Chamomile, Orange Ginger and Elderberry Eucalyptus. These products combine aromatic extracts and skin-loving ingredients to nourish the skin.

Nature's Beauty Detox Orange Ginger body collection gift ideas for mom

I tried out the Orange Ginger Detox set which includes bath bombs, body scrub, body wash, body lotion and body butter.

Natural Lip Balm

Personally, one of my favorite gifts to receive is natural lip balm. Spring farmer’s markets are a great place to find natural lip balm. I love handmade lip balm, which often contains beeswax, moisturizing ingredients such as Shea butter and jojoba oil, and natural extracts or essential oils. My favorite lip balm fragrances include orange, mint, and rose.

I also really like the Babo Botanicals lip tints. These pink-tinted lip balms provide a perfect sheen of color. Babo Botanicals lip tints are also very moisturizing, enriched with Babo’s nutri-soothe complex, Shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado and jojoba oil.

Babo Botanicals natural lip tints Mother's Day gift ideas

Pretty Spring Jewelry

For ladies who love jewelry, Anne Vaughan Jewelry collections include something for everyone! Designer Anne Vaughan creates her unique pieces using a wide variety of beads, gems, and accents. Many of her pieces are perfect for layering. I especially love the gorgeous details in each piece such as herringbone wire settings and clusters of stones with just the right amount of sparkle. See our full Anne Vaughan Jewelry review here!

Manicure or Pedicure

Treating mom to a manicure or pedicure is another great gift idea for Mother’s Day. Dad could plan to watch the kids so mom can go out for some relaxing TLC. Spring is a good time to get a pedicure and get your feet ready for sunny weather and afternoons at the pool, beach or lake! Even better, encourage mom to invite a friend for a girls’ day out.

Custom Music Playlist

Next, you could create a custom playlist for mom to remind her how special she is. You could include some of her favorite songs and some of your favorite songs, to remind her of you! Playlists are great for playing in the car, while exercising, and at home while doing chores. The nice thing about music apps like Amazon music and Spotify, is that you can easily share music playlists between devices.

Home Improvement Day

Finally, husbands can easily delight their wives by gifting them a list of projects they’ll complete around the house and yard. Guys could create a to-do list of home improvement projects, with a timeline and goals for completion. One example could be; finish painting the basement next weekend, or put up backyard garden lights by May, etc.

When husbands take time to fix up the house and finish small projects, it’s one of the best Mother’s Day gifts of them all! The springtime is a great opportunity to clean up and get your home ready for entertaining and hosting friends. I can think of a handful of projects around our house that are waiting to be finished…

Katie Wallace and Kiera mother and daughter

As you can see, celebrating mom on Mother’s Day can be much more than just giving gifts. You can easily show mom love by spending time together, surprising her with a latte and flowers, or finishing up a longstanding house project. I enjoy simple gifts and I also love working together and going on adventures with my family. Which gift idea would you, or your mom (or your wife) enjoy the most?


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