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Trace Your DNA to Learn Where Your Story Started

Everyone has a story. You may know a lot or a little about where your story started. Grandparents and relatives can be a great source of family stories and details about a family’s history. It can be very educational to learn about the events that came together to allow a single person to exist. Personally, I already generally knew that my heritage originated in Europe. I submitted a sample of my DNA to, which provided me with a more detailed ethnicity estimate of where my past family members may have lived. A DNA test is a simple place to start on your journey to discover your heritage and learn more about your family tree. Once you know where you are from, you could learn more about that area’s history and even go visit some of the countries.

This post was written on behalf of Ancestry DNA. All opinions are our own.

How a DNA Test Works

Ancestry uses precise geographic details and clear-cut historical insights to provide you with a clearer connection to the places in the world where your story started. You can see details about the unique regions and even discover some of your living relatives you may have not known about.

AncestryDNA uses the DNA sample which you submit and utilizes the largest collection of records to provide you with a more complete picture of your genealogy and origins.

Trace Your DNA through Ancestry to learn more about your family

Trace Your DNA

Have you ever wondered where your distant relatives came from? Or perhaps you’ve never known your extended family and are looking for a way to see who might be out there. Ancestry can help individuals connect to places where their family originated from or where living relatives are now.

We had a chance to try out this DNA sample kit. The kit is easy to use to send in a sample of your saliva and receive your results in five easy steps. All you have to do is: (1) spit into the tube provided, (2) pop it in the pre-labeled package, (3) send it through the mail, (4) create an account and (5) wait for your results.

Trace your origin and relatives with Ancestry DNA

My husband and I both submitted our DNA with no trouble at all. I’ve always heard my family comes from the Norway & Sweden area. My DNA results showed that my ethnicity estimate includes:

  • 50% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe
  • 26% Norway
  • 16% Sweden
  • 5% Ireland & Scotland
  • 3% Other Regions

Track your DNA and heritage through Ancestry

Benefits of knowing your ancestry

Learning about which countries your family comes from is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. For many people, identifying what your exact ethnicity is can be difficult. While you may have a general idea based on your knowledge of your family tree, it can be otherwise challenging to get very specific. AncestryDNA aids in revealing what your genetic composition is by comparing your DNA to 26 regions around the world.

Ancestry DNA heritage kit review

Not only can you learn about regional origins, but AncestryDNA connects users to a vast network of others. You can learn how closely you are related to others in the network, as well as where these relatives live, if they chose to make that information available. The extended family tree on Ancestry shows relatives as far out as fourth cousins. You may be surprised to discover quite an interesting web of connections of people all across the globe.

The most interesting stories you might hear about taking a DNA test are often from people who have very limited knowledge of their maternal or paternal bloodlines. The revelations gained in understanding your heritage can be very educational.

Discover your Heritage with

Overall, the AncestryDNA test is helpful if you wish to gain a better understanding of who you are genetically. It’s easy to order a kit to gain insights about your own family. You can get a more detailed picture of where your family originates and where your living relatives reside. We appreciated the opportunity to learn about our own heritage and chance to teach our kids more about our family.

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Laurie Emerson
Laurie Emerson
1 year ago

I have always wanted to trace my DNA and see what my heritage is.

LeAnn Harbert
LeAnn Harbert
2 years ago

My son had been wanting to take one of these tests. I might get him one for Christmas.