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Why You Should Take a Break and Drink Tea

Everyone’s day is busy. The minutes get filled up with things and the end of the day is often near before you’ve even caught your breath. It’s important to pause and reflect throughout the day. You can watch your kids play, observe the beauty in nature, and consider all the ways you are blessed. I like to take a break during my day with a cup of tea. Here are a few reasons why drinking tea is a wonderfully healthy habit.

Relax and hydrate

Tea is mostly water, so when you stop and drink a cup of tea, you are refreshing your body with much-needed hydration. It’s recommended that you drink 8 cups of water per day, which can be a hard challenge to meet on a busy day. I enjoy my cup of afternoon tea because it’s refreshing and helps hydrate my hair, skin and nails too!

Use your pretty mugs

I enjoy collecting a variety of simple and patterned mugs. Drinking tea allows me to use my favorite mugs every day. Some of my mugs have colorful designs or witty phrases. I prefer to curate a mix-and-match assortment of mugs, rather than keep a matching collection. This way, if a mug breaks, I can simply replace it with a new mug design!

Invite a friend over and get to know them better

Tea is a great way to get to know a friend, or make a new friend! Coffee is good too, but too much coffee makes me jittery. I can drink cups and cups of tea, accomplishing my daily hydration goal well. I enjoy chatting with a hot drink in my hand, which seems to smoothly open the door for conversation. Small talk is fine, but it’s even better to ask some thoughtful questions and be prepared to listen. I often enjoy getting to know people a little better over tea.

Make some treats and enjoy a cup of tea

Make some tea time treats

Treats are my favorite part of a tea party! I love making cute treats and it’s always fun to sample them too! Scones, shortbread cookies, petite fours and tarts all go wonderfully with tea. I never have to convince my kids to try my tea time treats. They especially like anything sweet.

You can keep it simple too; homemade scones are very easy to mix up and many types of cookies pair perfectly with tea.

Teach kids polite table manners

Tea time is a great opportunity to teach kids about table manners and etiquette. Kids can practice saying please and thank you, passing the treats and even carefully pouring the tea (or lemonade). We have many tea parties at our house, which are also fun opportunities to make family memories.

Teach kids polite table manners with a tea party

When I stock up on tea, I love trying new flavors. Sips by personalized teas is a fun way to receive a curated assortment of teas sent to your door each month. Your teas are chosen for you based on the preferences you share when you order. This monthly tea box comes with a variety of flavors and different types of tea, including standard tea bags and loose leaf tea. My box also included empty tea bags for steeping my loose leaf tea. I enjoyed receiving the surprise flavors and trying some new teas! Sips by is a great way to pamper yourself and your family or to gift to a friend!

Sips by curated monthly tea box

I hope you enjoy some future tea times! It’s very relaxing to pause in the middle of your day and enjoy a cup of tea.

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