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Top Product Family Awards – Iksplor Adventure Blanket & Swaddle

It’s never too early to take kids on an adventure! Iksplor knows this and designs everyday essentials using merino wool to inspire families to venture outdoors. We are excited to highlight the Iksplor Adventure Blanket & Swaddle, winner of our Top Product Family Award! It can be used as a blanket or a swaddle on a backyard campout or on the trail.

The kids’ merino wool Adventure Blanket & Swaddle is made from 100% zq merino wool from New Zealand. It’s generously sized 48″ x 48″ inches and it’s super snuggly. After your outdoor adventure, easily wash it in the machine and either air dry or machine dry on low. The Iksplor Adventure Blanket & Swaddle is designed and sewn in the USA. The company is based in Jackson, Wyoming.

Top Product Family Awards Iksplor Adventure Blanket

Award Winner!

Cozy: We love this blanket because it’s generously sized and very soft. We know that kids love snuggling up with a cozy blanket and bringing it on all of their adventures. Whether your family is traveling, camping in a tent or RV, or kids are taking naps at home, this blanket offers cozy security for babies and kids. It’s made from real merino wool rather than synthetic materials, so it’s easy to wash and will stay nice for a long time.

Top Product Innovative Family Awards

Natural Quality: The Iksplor Adventure Blanket & Swaddle is designed with long-lasting merino and quality workmanship, and when the adventures are over, it can be composted within 6 months. The soft Iksplor Adventure Blanket & Swaddle provides kids comfort and warmth to take along on outdoor adventures.

Designed by Moms: We can appreciate the dedication and vision that goes into companies started by parent entrepreneurs! Iksplor was created by two sisters, Karissa and Kailey, who grew up exploring the outdoors as a family. They experienced childhood adventures together, which inspired them to share this same love of nature and spirit of adventure with their own children.

Discover all that Iksplor has to offer and learn more about this sustainable brand at

“Outdoor adventure sparks confidence, independence, a sense of awareness and stewardship for our environment and so much more.” – Iksplor founders

Top Product Family Awards - Iksplor Adventure Blanket and Swaddle


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