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DIY Candy Sushi & Brilliant Summer Treats

DIY Candy Sushi & Brilliant Summer Treats

I love coming up with creative ideas for kids’ parties and dinner with friends. Unique treats are a fun creative outlet for a mom that friends and kids will enjoy. This easy candy sushi is easy to make using fruit roll-ups, marshmallows, and assorted gummy candy. Candy sushi will be the highlight of any food buffet!

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DIY Candy Sushi and fun party treats - Mommy Scene

Creative DIY Candy Sushi Treats

Make this fun candy sushi with a handful of candy supplies and sweet snacks.

  • Prepare the candy “seaweed wraps” by cutting strips of green fruit roll-up, about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.
  • Wrap each fruit roll-up strip around a large marshmallow, using a bit of water on the end of the fruit roll-up to stick it down.
  • Gently make a hole in the center of each marshmallow and insert small pieces of colorful gummy candy, keeping the ends even so the top of the candy sushi is flat.
  • Arrange the candy sushi on your buffet table or dessert plate and enjoy!
  • Experiment with using Swedish fish and sprinkles to embellish your candy sushi and create a sweet sushi assortment!

DIY Candy Sushi fruit roll-ups, marshmallows, gummy candy - Mommy Scene

Make candy sushi with fruit roll-ups, marshmallows, Swedish fish and assorted gummy candy.

DIY Candy Sushi with fruit roll-ups, gummy candy, and marshmallows - Creative party idea

Homemade candy sushi creative party treat idea - Mommy Scene

Assemble your candy sushi by wrapping strips of green fruit roll-up around marshmallows, topped with pieces of gummy candy. Friends will love this creative party idea!

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Creative party idea DIY candy sushi with fruit roll-ups, marshmallows, and gummy candy

Easy Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Chocolate pretzel rods are easy to make for any party and you can dip the pretzels in colored chocolate candy melts that matches the theme of your party! These delicious party treats are perfect for kids and not too sweet.

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Yummy Chocolate dipped pretzels party treats - Mommy Scene

Healthy Unicorn Smoothies

A delicious unicorn smoothie doesn’t have to be packed with chemicals. We made colorful unicorn-inspired layered smoothies with bananas, strawberries and mango. Top with whipped cream and drizzle with light corn syrup mixed with blue Jell-o powder. Delicious and so pretty!

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Healthy Unicorn Smoothies - Mommy Scene

These fun treat ideas can help make your next party a hit! What is your favorite thing about party planning?


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Kristi File

How fun is this!? Such a creative idea! I think even my husband and I would get a kick out of making these! Thanks for sharing!

Mommy Scene - Parenting, Babies and More!

Candy sushi making would be a great family activity! You could get super creative.


OH MY GOSH THESE ARE ADORABLE!!! I love this idea so much!!

Mommy Scene - Parenting, Babies and More!

These candy sushi treats would be a great idea for a party too! They are so cute we had to make them for an afternoon snack.


What a cute idea! I need to make these with my little boy!


What a cute idea!!! I need to make these with my little boy!!

Mommy Scene - Parenting, Babies and More!

Our sushi snacks were fun to make with kids. my girls enjoyed helping!