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Artsy Potato Stamp Painting for Kids

We’ve been going through a lot of paint around here. Playing outside is fun for my girls, but not quite as exciting as a craft table full of paint. I love helping my girls to practice their creative skills. The ability to be creative can affect so many areas of life down the road; cooking, decorating, accomplishing DIY projects — even work ethic can be impacted by creativity. If my girls simply become accomplished DIY-ers I will be happy. This crafty painting project is fun and colorful! All you need is a paper bag or painting paper, several potatoes and craft paint!

Artsy Potato Stamp Painting Kids Activity

Cut up a paper bag to use as your painting canvas. Brown paper decorated with colorful painted stamps is useful for gift wrapping or making a whimsical book cover. You can also paint on watercolor or acrylic art paper. Bright paint colors are extra vibrant on white paper.

Creative potato stamp kids project

Creative potato stamp kids activity

Custom Potato Stamps

Cut potatoes in half and design your own stamps! We made paint stamps inspired by an orange slice and a tropical leaf. Make your paint stamps right before you are ready to begin painting so the potatoes don’t get too brown.

Make your own designs with colorful potato stamps!

You can use any color combination or mix of colored paint to create designs with the potato stamps. Dip the stamp in a light layer of craft paint and press it firmly down onto the paper. Kids can easily do this project by themselves!

Creative DIY potato stamp kids project

Creative DIY potato stamp kids craft

These colorful potato stamp designs remind me of tropical weather and hot summer days. No two paint stamps are exactly the same and you can create any design you can dream up. Try out this easy kids project the next time you have an open afternoon!

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Make custom art with DIY potato stamps

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