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Colorful Lego Soap Dispenser

A colorful Lego soap dispenser is an innovative way to decorate a kids bathroom or just add a pop of color next to a bathroom sink. My kids absolutely love Legos. This Lego soap dispenser is a fun idea to encourage kids to wash their hands. To recreate this idea, all you need is a clear soap dispenser, liquid hand soap (clear soap makes the colors stand out), and a handful of assorted Lego pieces.

Colorful Lego brick soap dispenser

First, clean out the soap dispenser, washing out any soap residue. I like to give my soap dispensers a good rinsing in between refills. Next, fill the soap dispenser with about 1″ of clear liquid hand soap.

Pick out a handful of various medium and small Lego pieces, wash them and pat them dry. Drop in the Lego pieces one at a time through the top hole of the soap dispenser.

DIY Lego soap dispenser to encourage kids to wash their hands

Fill it up!

Once you’ve dropped all the Lego pieces into the soap dispenser, fill it up the rest of the way with clear liquid hand soap. Screw on the pump top and you are good to go! The soap will suspend the Lego pieces inside the bottle, creating a cool effect.

Colorful Lego soap dispenser kids bathroom accessory

I used a few of the classic 4-peg rectangle Lego bricks and 2-peg square bricks. Also, I added some 2-peg rectangle bricks. I tried to pick a mix of Lego colors. You could put all sorts of fun Lego shapes into this soap dispenser! When the soap runs out, you can easily re-claim the Lego pieces by dumping them out.

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Kids bathroom accessory Lego soap dispenser

I hope you enjoy making this fun kids bathroom accessory! Once your Lego soap dispenser is ready, you can encourage your kids to practice regular, healthy hand washing habits.


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