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How to Make Creative Tape Painting Art

Creating your own art can be a great way to personalize your home. This DIY tape painting art is fun to make and the finished masterpiece adds a pop of color to any wall! I made this creative tape painting art with my kids and each of our paintings turned out differently. Easily transform a blank canvas with colorful acrylic paint to create any pattern and color scheme you want! Adults and kids of all ages can learn how to make creative tape painting art in a few easy steps.

How to make creative tape painting art easy home decor

To make your own tape painting art, first you’ll need some simple materials. You can create this art in a few easy steps. First you’ll need to gather the basic art supplies.

  • blank canvas
  • narrow blue painter’s tape
  • paint brushes
  • acrylic paint or craft paint
  • paper plate or paint palette
  • cup of water

Create the Tape Painting Art Base Layer

Before you start making your tape painting art, you’ll need to plan out the design. Everywhere you place the painter’s tape will create blank lines within your art. First, you will need to create the art’s base color. To make white lines in your tape painting art, cover the whole canvas with a layer of white acrylic paint, or white gesso primer. Allow this base layer of paint to fully dry.

To create colored lines within your tape painting art, cover the whole canvas with a single color of acrylic paint or craft paint. Allow the paint to fully dry. This base layer of paint will create the colored lines within your art. For example, if you use green acrylic paint, your art will have green lines in between the geometric shapes.

Tape painting art creative idea for a DIY kids project

Add the Painter’s Tape

Once the base layer of paint on the canvas is fully dry (preferably overnight), it’s time to add the lines of painter’s tape. You can also use masking tape, but painter’s tape more effectively prevents the paint from bleeding under the edges. Arrange long pieces of thin blue painter’s tape on the canvas from edge to edge. You can create all sorts of geometric shapes, angles and patterns. You can make a diamond faceted inspired design, create wavy lines, or make triangles. Everywhere you place a piece of painter’s tape will create a blank space in the art, which will show the paint color beneath. Make sure to fully press down the edges of the painter’s tape onto the canvas, to create clean lines within your tape painting art.

Colorful tape painting art homeschool kids activity

Fill in the Shapes with Acrylic Paint

Next, use acrylic paint to fill in the shapes you created in between the painter’s tape. You can make each section a different color, design a pattern, or alternate between 2 colors. You can be as creative as you’d like with this tape painting art! Once you’ve completely filled in each shape with craft paint, allow it to fully dry.

Fun kids activity tape painting art

Remove the Tape

When your tape painting art is fully dry, carefully remove the pieces of painter’s tape. Gently peel off each length of tape, revealing the base color paint underneath. If there are spots where some paint from the shapes bled under the tape, you can touch these up using the base color paint and a small paint brush.

You can create all sorts of tape painting art designs using this creative painter’s tape technique!

Tape Painting Art Inspiration

Colorful tape painting art diy wall decor

You can easily design your own art using cheerful colors of craft paint. I think it’s special to personalize my home with our family’s DIY art. You can paint each section between the strips of tape in any combination of colors that you want. Replicate this bright canvas by using strips of painter’s tape (or masking tape) to create an assortment of triangles. Fill in the sections with pink, orange, green, blue and red hues of acrylic paint or craft paint. Once your art fully dries, carefully peel off the painter’s tape to reveal the white background beneath. The white lines give definitely make the colored triangles on this canvas stand out!

Creative kids activity painting on canvas with painter's tape

Tape painting art inverse design in bright colors of acrylic paint

Inverse Tape Painting Technique

Additionally, you can create an inverse tape painting design. Achieve this style by painting a rainbow assortment of stripes, lines or any colorful pattern on your canvas. Allow the paint to fully dry. Next, arrange small strips of painter’s tape parallel to each other, in a chevron pattern across the canvas. Firmly press down the edges of each piece of tape to minimize bleed. Finally, paint the spaces between the strips of tape with white acrylic paint or gesso. You will likely need to apply several coats of white paint to fully cover the colored background. Once the paint is fully dry, remove the painter’s tape to reveal the colored background beneath.

Rainbow tape painting art creative kids project

Rainbow Triangles Art Design

I also love this faceted rainbow diamond tape painting design! This DIY art is such a pretty way to add a pop of color in a kid’s bedroom, playroom or office.

Blue and green tape painting art on multiple canvases

Tape Painting on Multiple Canvases

Furthermore, you can use this art technique to create a group of paintings that fill a larger space. This blue and green tape painting art spans four canvases. The painted design even flows over the edges of each canvas. You can accomplish this 3-dimentional look by wrapping the painter’s tape around the canvas edges and filling in the edge sections with paint.

Kids art project tape painting neon colors

You can be as creative as you’d like when you design your own tape painting art. This artist painted the canvas with a base coat of white paint. Next, they added the strips of masking tape. Finally they painted each section of the canvas a different neon color. Once they removed the painter’s tape, they outlined each shape with a black marker. I love how each tape painting art design is beautiful and unique!

Tape painting is inexpensive because you can use supplies you probably already have at home. It’s also an easy enough project for moms and kids to do together. It’s fun to be creative with designing your own art. Which colors would you use for this easy painting project?

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6 years ago

Love these ideas

6 years ago

Cool will try this when my son is off for holiday break. We did something similar on craft paper. Thanks

Gladys A
Gladys A
6 years ago

This looks so elegant but toddler friendly

Jessica O
Jessica O
6 years ago

These are so cool and colorful looking! I wonder if my un-artistic self could pull it off!

6 years ago

I did this to a cork board awhile back, and seeing this blog made me think of finding a couple new items to paint with my 11 year old son. So fun and easy.

5 years ago

This art idea is super cool! So customizable too!