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Easy DIY Baby Flower Barefoot Sandals

Not many things are cuter than baby feet, but what if you could make baby feet cuter?? Baby flower barefoot sandals are adorable and perfect for dress-up, photoshoots, parties and more! They are made from loops of elastic topped with a silk flower. Easily make your own baby flower barefoot sandals for your little girl! All you need is a few supplies such as ribbon, elastic and crafty accents.

How to make baby flower barefoot sandals


  • colorful fold-over elastic
  • satin ribbon 1/2 inch wide
  • small craft accents, flowers, or rhinestones
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue gun

Adorable baby flower barefoot sandals DIY craft

Easily make these adorable no-sew baby flower barefoot sandals yourself! First, gather the materials needed. If you can, wrap the elastic around your baby’s foot in a figure 8 to measure how much elastic you need. For babies ages 0 to 6 months, 8 to 9 inches of elastic should work. Start by creating the ribbon flowers. Sew together symmetrical loops of ribbon to create a flower or star-like design. Anchor each ribbon loop to the center of the flower with a few stitches. Once the ribbon flower is complete, tie off the thread with a double knot.

Easy DIY baby flower barefoot sandals craft

Next, use a hot glue gun to glue a decorative craft accent or a small silk flower in the center of the ribbon flower. Turn the ribbon flower over and hot glue the fold-over elastic to the flower in a symmetrical figure 8 pattern. The baby barefoot sandal should have two even elastic loops on either side of the ribbon flower.

Darling no-sew baby flower barefoot sandals DIY craft

You can create baby flower barefoot sandals to match any baby outfit! It’s fun to design baby barefoot sandals using a variety of colors and decorative accents. These cute no-sew baby barefoot sandals are especially adorable for infant photoshoots, which usually include at least a few photos of baby’s feet and toes!

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How to a make no-se baby flower barefoot sandals craft project

Coordinate with a Hair Clip

Finally, you can even make a coordinating hair clip to go with your baby flower barefoot sandals. I used the same ribbon and a matching sequin decorative accent to create an adorable baby hair clip. I covered a hair clip with ribbon and glued the decorative accent on top.

You could create a whole set of no-sew baby flower barefoot sandals and hair clips using any colors you’d like! These darling baby accessories are great gifts for a baby shower or birthday party. It’s also fun to just make them for your own little one — made with love.

DIY craft baby flower barefoot sandals


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