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Gorgeous DIY Flower Vases from Cans & Jars

Did you know that recycled cans and jars make the best flower vases? I love keeping a stash of clean jars or tin cans on hand for displaying beautiful fresh-cut flowers. Next time you are emptying a tin can or glass jar from your cupboard, don’t throw it away! Wash it out and use it to display some pretty blooms!

Recycled glass jars and tin cans flower vase idea

I have several cans painted white that I use to hold flowers. I like white because I think it makes the colorful flowers stand out, but you could paint these cans any color of choice. Cans are sturdy and have a wide mouth, which allow them to hold a large bunch of flowers. Plain silver cans are pretty in the mix too.

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Make flower vases from recycled glass jars and tin cans

To make these tin can flower vases, I’ve found it helpful to first remove the label. I use lighter fluid, which effectively breaks down the sticky residue. Then I wash and dry the can. I painted some of my cans with a clean coat of white craft paint or spray paint.

DIY flower vases from recycled tin cans and jars home decor idea

Glass mason jars also make excellent flower vases. I have so many recycled jars that I’ve saved once they were emptied of pickles, olives, jam or whatever else. Again, I just remove the jar’s label using lighter fluid, followed by a thorough wash. Mason jars (and pickle jars) are pretty and sturdy for holding all sorts of flowers.

Pretty flower vases from recycled cans and jars

Make flower vases using recycled tin cans and glass jars

I often use these cans and jars individually to hold flowers, or group them together to create a pretty display. In the summer, my kids are constantly bringing me flowers from our yard, so I keep a whole flower collection on our kitchen windowsill.

Whimsical flower vases using recycled cans and jars

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Cute flower vases using recycled cans and jars

However you arrange them, tin cans and glass jars are great for holding flowers and creating pretty displays. I hope you feel inspired by these DIY home decor ideas!


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