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6 Simple Tips for Taking Kids Fishing

6 Simple Tips for Taking Kids Fishing

Fishing with youngsters can be a very rewarding and memorable mini-adventure. A well planned fishing trip is such a great way to slow down and spend quality time in the outdoors with the young people in your life. Children absolutely love to catch fish. Before you head out, there are a few things to consider to make your trip successful.

Check the weather

Nice weather makes for a much more enjoyable time in the outdoors. A soggy, wet, cold or windy day can really take the fun out of the experience of fishing with your kids.

Plan a fishing trip with kids, bring the right gear and snacks

Do your homework

You may not plan to catch record-size fish on this trip, but you do want to put your little one in a position to catch something. Do a little research and find a “fishy” spot in your area. Learn what you can about the kind of fish you will most likely encounter and which bait works best that time of year. Call your local fishing tackle shop for updated information. You will also want to get the right fishing license and know the specific regulations for your fishing spot of choice.

How to create a memorable fishing experience for your kids

Be safe

Safety is always the first priority when taking children out on adventures, especially near water. Pick a location that is relatively safe, and then keep your eye on them at all times. If your fishing trip includes going out on any type of water vessel, you will need a personal flotation device for each person. Make sure those life vests fit properly and make sure your kids wear them. When it comes to the fish hooks, you want to catch fish, not fingers. At first, you may need to help your child tie the knots and give specific instructions about casting in a safe direction.

Skog A Kust dry gear bag for fishing

Choose the Right Fishing Gear

Picking the right equipment can be important. It is best to pack all your extra clothes, food, tackle, and any other stuff you want to keep dry in a waterproof bag. Skog A Kust makes an excellent product for keeping gear dry. Your child should have a fishing pole that can be easily handled. A small pole with a push button reel works well. Your bait should also be easy to fish with. A bobber and worm is easy to use and a good place to start, but this simple setup can get boring really fast. For youngsters that want to cast, we always tie on a tube from Poor Boys Baits. Kids can easily throw out this bait and reel it in or just dangle the line over the side of the boat. Bait tubes always seem to catch fish. It is also a good idea to visit your local tackle shop for a fun pre-trip outing. They will get you all set up with the proper gear and bait.

Bring Snacks

Fill up one of those waterproof bags with food! A good supply of water and snacks is important when fishing with kids, especially if the fish aren’t biting. It’s amazing what the outdoors will do to make kids hungry!

Have Fun

Be patient and focus on your child. Engage your child in conversation. Try to be purposeful with the time you have together. Be quick to help them with things and celebrate with them when they do well. Your personal interaction while fishing with kids will help create a memorable fishing experience!


Tandi Foil is a wife and mother of 7. Tandi and her two youngest sons fish competitively on the
Kayak Bass Fishing Trail in Idaho. Follow them @paddle2fish and paddle2fish.com.


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Love these tips! Such good ones for the little ones & keeping them safe. It’s also such a great thing to review before even going on your trip. Thanks for sharing!


I feel like taking children fishing is both fun and worrying. This post is perfect because it lays out what to think of before planning your trip.


I was crazy about fishing when I was little! it is just so much fun! Great tips, it definitely helps all the newcomers not only kids

Annemarie LeBlanc
Annemarie LeBlanc

Reading this post brought back so many memories of my grandfather and me. He loved to take me fishing and I enjoyed every opportunity to do so. Thanks for these tips. Hopefully I could make my grandchildren love fishing too.


Such great tips. We haven’t tried going fishing with the kids. But it looks like a great idea.

Yeah Lifestyle

Some great tips here. I am yet to take my kids fishing but it is something we have been considering for a while. I will definitely bear these tips in mind.

Sara Welch

It has been many years since I have fished. Kids really enjoy doing it though!


All the above. And make sure they are dressed warmly. They will love the bonding experience as long as you do too.

catherine shane
catherine shane

This is definitely a great bonding time together ., kids would be so love this moment can be treasure in their younger minds.


These are some great tips! My kids always go with my father in law, but now I’ll have some of my own knowledge if I ever want to take them πŸ™‚

Monidipa Dutta

To be honest I dont know fishing but I agree with 2 points. Stay safe and have fun.

Dana Vento

These are great tips! Kids are all about instant (or as instant as possible) gratification. They’ll actually have to catch something if they want to enjoy the trip! LOL


What great tips! I don’t have any kids, but I will certainly share this post with some of my friends who do πŸ™‚