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Get All You Need for Halloween in One Stop

Get All You Need for Halloween in One Stop

Halloween is just around the corner! The fall season is a fun time to make family memories, go to the pumpkin patch and enjoy trick-or-treating on October 31st! My girls love dressing up every day, so when Halloween rolls around it’s a fun opportunity to pick out new costumes and accessorize with animal ears, wands and glitter face paint! We found all that we needed for Halloween during a one-stop shopping trip to Fred Meyer. Kids can choose from a huge variety of costumes and complete their look with colorful makeup, hats, wigs and more!

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Fred Meyer Halloween Costumes

Fun kids Halloween costumes from Fred Meyer

Dressing up during Halloween is a fun opportunity to pretend to be someone else or just get creative! My girls love makeup but I limit their daily use of grown-up beauty products. Halloween is a special occasion to try out all the kid-friendly face paint, stick on jewels and glitter hair spray!

Fred Meyer Halloween Supplies

If you family is planning to go trick-or-treating, consider what you’ll need to bring to keep the kids comfortable and cozy.

Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Checklist

  • Comfortable outfit that allows for easy walking.
  • Good shoes that will protect a child’s feet.
  • Optional extra layer like a cape for warmth (they can easily put on or take off).
  • Candy bucket or bag with handles (bags are more spill-proof for little kids).
  • Fun accessories that are easy to carry or will stay on.

Fred Meyer Halloween Costumes and Supplies

To get ready for Halloween, my girls usually pick out their costume first and then choose make-up and accessories to coordinate. It’s helpful to choose a costume for trick-or-treating that will keep kids warm and not be too hard to walk in. Sometimes we walk more than 10 blocks while trick-or-treating, which is a lot for small children. Kids also need good shoes to wear while trick-or-treating. Skip the high heel princess shoes and have your kids put on some strap-on sandals or close-toed shoes.

Cute girls Halloween costumes from Fred Meyer

Dress up for Halloween with costumes from Fred Meyer

Face paint and jewels can add some extra flair to any outfit. Girls and boys can choose paint colors and a design that will match their costume.

Girls Greek Goddess costume from Fred Meyer

This year my girls are planning to dress up as a Greek Goddess and Disney Princess Aurora. Both of these adorable costumes are available at Fred Meyer along with many others! Fred Meyer’s costumes and accessories are often on sale during the weeks leading up to Halloween. Colorful face paint and glitter gel is the perfect finishing touch for these easy kid’s costumes. Even after Halloween is long over, my girls will still play with these enchanting outfits and accessories.

Princess Aurora costume from Fred Meyer

Disney princess Halloween costume from Fred Meyer

Creative DIY Halloween Decorations

Another great thing about holidays is making your own custom decorations! Fred Meyer has a great art supply section that’s stocked with colorful paper, glitter glue, craft glue, gel pens and markers. This year I made a simple candy corn pennant banner using colored card stock, a glue stick and a length of ribbon. You can make this fall-inspired candy corn banner in minutes using supplies you may already have at home.

Creative DIY Halloween Decorations Candy Corn Pennant Banner

If you’re hosting a fall party or kids’ play date, make these candy corn treat cups! Easily fold orange paper into a cone and glue on white and yellow paper strips. Trim the cone into the classic candy corn shape and fill the treat cone with popcorn, small candies and chocolate chips. Treats always make any party more fun!

Creative DIY Halloween Decorations Candy Corn Treat Cup

Halloween is a memorable holiday to celebrate together with your kiddos. Some of my best memories growing up were centered around holidays. It’s easy to keep seasonal festivities simple and budget-friendly while creating many fun traditions for your family!

Katie enjoys all things creative; DIY projects, photography, decorating and family adventures. She feels blessed to be a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids and many artistic outlets.

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