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Activities for Kids Who Love Adventures

Little boys are full of energy and are eager for the chance to explore and go on adventures. My 2-year-old boy loves going outside and learning new life skills, all the while running and climbing. A little boy with all this energy benefits from some toys and activities that live up to the excitement in a little boy’s life.

Wonder Crew dolls designed for boys

My little guy turned two this month and he’s changing very quickly! It can be hard to find activities suited for busy toddler boys. He mostly loves throwing markers and tearing up paper when we do crafts. He loves feeding himself at meals which can result in a mess. And he loves exploring the dirt and mud outside, which creates lots of laundry. Here are some ideas suited to entertain a 2-year-old boy and help him learn through adventures and interactive play!

Wonder Crew dolls for boys

Wonder Crew Superhero Dolls

Wonder Crew dolls are designed with little boys in mind. They come with a cape and mask for the doll and one for the boy too, allowing little boys to match their “adventure buddy” anywhere they go. Wonder Crew dolls inspire adventure through friendship, learning, kindness and imagination.

Wonder Crew dolls inspire friendship and adventure

My little boy plays alongside his two sisters who are close in age so it’s fun for him to play with his own special doll. He also loves dressing up in costumes so Wonder Crew is a great play set for him. He’s a bit on the younger end to fully be able to appreciate these adventure-inspired dolls but he enjoys having his own little buddy and matching superhero outfit!

Of course, my little boy tries to take care of his Wonder Crew buddy by sharing his treats.

Wonder Crew dolls by Playmonster

Wonder Crew combines the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal to give children a best friend! Available in different character styles Will, James, Erik, and Marco, these awesome sidekicks can go everywhere a child goes.

Each 15″ buddy has a vinyl head, vinyl arms and legs and a soft huggable body. Wonder Crew dolls come with a superhero outfit, cape and mask, plus a matching cape and mask for the child.

Wonder Crew doll and superhero cape set

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

My kids love going on indoor scavenger hunts to find treasures, especially on days when it’s too cold or rainy to play outside. I usually cut about 30 squares of paper and write a description on each paper such as the following:

Something Blue
Something Green
Something Sparkly
Something Square
Something Round
Something Soft
Something Hard
Something Cold

You can use colors, shapes, textures or any adjectives to create the scavenger hunt cards.

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Kids Indoor Scavenger Hunt Game

To play our indoor scavenger hunt game, my kids each choose a square of paper from the top of the stack. Then they have to find something in the room that matches the description on the paper. Once each of my kids find a matching object, they get to pick another piece of paper and we do it again! My toddler and preschool kids love this simple indoor scavenger hunt and they get to practice identifying colors, textures, shapes, and more!

Lil’ Monkey Jungle Gym

My kids also love playing on this indoor/outdoor kids’ jungle gym. We used it outdoors a lot in the summer and then we moved it indoors for the kids to play on in colder weather. This Lil’ Monkey Jungle Gym is easy to assemble and move, and best of all it folds up for compact storage! My 2-year-old boy has been practicing his adventurous climbing skills on this toddler-friendly jungle gym in our basement and all of my kids (ages 2, 3 & 5) enjoy going down the slide.

3 Little Monkeys jungle gym for kids

Which are your favorite activities for busy little boys or adventurous kids?

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