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Design Your Own American Girl Gift Box! Unboxing & Review

Design Your Own American Girl Gift Box! Unboxing & Review

New from American Girl, parents can surprise their girls this Christmas with a customized gift box experience! This set comes beautifully packed with a doll plus a variety of themed outfits and accessories. You can choose from a historical gift box set or some of American Girl’s Truly Me sets. I was invited to design an American Girl gift box for my own daughter. I’m excited to show you the details of this gift box set with our unboxing and review of the doll, outfits and accessories we received.

Design Your Own American Girl Gift Box Review

I love toys that are classic, collectible and inspire kids to be creative. I have fond childhood memories of saving up my money and picking out outfits and accessories for my own American Girl doll. Years later, the American Girl brand continues to be one of my favorites. The American Girl doll collections are adorable and inspire modern girls, as well as highlight historical time periods.

AG Gift Box Experience

The American Girl website makes it really easy to put together a custom gift box for your daughter. You can quickly design a set that stays within the price range that’s indicated up front. Also, everything comes inside a collectible gift box that’s tied with a bow, which is really fun to open!

American Girl gift box tied with a bow

Customize an American Girl Gift Box

You can begin designing your daughter’s custom gift experience on the American Girl website. First, you’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions to customize the personalized note that comes with the box. The details you enter will also recommend the dolls that best match your daughter’s personality for the gift box.

Next, you can select the doll set from “Recommended” or choose from all available doll sets. You can choose from Historical dolls such as Maryellen, Nanea or Rebecca, Girl of the Year dolls such as Blaire or Luciana, or a personalized Truly Me doll. You can also add doll ear piercing.

Once you select the doll, you can select “play packs” to include in the box.  You can choose from play packs that coordinate with the character dolls or mix and match sets.

Finally, you can review your selections and the personalized note, and check out.

Truly Me American Girl doll gift set

For my daughter, I selected a Truly Me doll that looks similar to her. I also chose the Curiosity Play Pack: School and Confidence Play Pack: Gymnastics/Skating. The first play pack came with darling outfits for school as well as a backpack and doll-sized school supplies. The second play pack included gymnastics gear and a leotard, plus an ice skating outfit, ice skates and skate guards. My two daughters both love school and gymnastics, so these sets are perfect for them.

American Girl gift box Curiosity Play Pack: School

Boxes within the Box

Each play pack comes in individual boxes that are nestled inside one of the American Girl gift box compartments. I think the box within a box element adds to the unboxing experience. After all, kids love opening things to discover what’s inside! The Curiosity Play Pack: School came with doll school supplies in one box and a variety of coordinated school outfit separates in the second box. You can also purchase these sets separately.

American Girl gift box Curiosity Play Pack: School outfits and accessories

I especially love American Girl’s outfit sets because they typically come with adorable shoes and beautiful accessories. The high quality details set the American Girl brand apart from other toy companies and make each set more collectible.

American Girl gift box Confidence Play Pack: Gymnastics/Skating

Speaking of collections, owning American Girl dolls are a great opportunity to teach kids how to take care of their toys while also enjoying them. I encourage my girls to keep their doll outfits and accessories organized and take care of their doll’s hair.

Design & Dress Up

This Truly Me doll is fun to dress up in her gymnastics outfit and style her hair for her next competition! My daughter can practice her gymnastic moves alongside her doll! The modern Truly Me outfits reflect popular activities, sports and hobbies that many girls enjoy.

Truly Me American Girl doll personalized gift set

I think American Girl does a great job of inspiring girls with high quality toys that also teach character lessons through their stories. Although designed for ages 8+, my girls started collecting these dolls at age 5 or 6. I love that they will be able to enjoy their dolls for years to come. I even saved my childhood American Girl doll to gift to my own daughter, which is still in great condition.

American Girl Confidence Play Pack: Gymnastics/Skating

Truly Me Dolls

Truly Me dolls come in many styles and variations, differentiated by number. You can purchase a doll that looks like your child, with matching hair color and length, eye color and skin shade. American Girl dolls measure 18″ inches and have a huggable cloth body, a movable head and limbs made of smooth vinyl. American Girl Truly Me dolls come wearing a floral dress, an aqua zip-up sweater and white sparkle shoes.

These dolls hold up well throughout regular play, but you can also get your doll “fixed up” at the American Girl Doll Hospital. The gift trunk even comes with a first-year wellness visit to the doll hospital, should you need it to repair your doll. Available doll hospital treatments include skin cleaning, hair brushing and re-styling, and head or limb re-attachment and eye replacement. American Girl dolls will return home with a certificate of good health and a doll hospital gown.

American Girl Truly Me Doll

Gift giving at Christmas can be a special way to celebrate the season with family and friends. I enjoy giving my kids things they will treasure and enjoy playing with together. American Girl dolls and accessories are especially fun to collect and play with. It’s special to see my girls playing with the same toys I enjoyed as a child, and often I join them to play together or read one of the American Girl stories.

American Girl customized gift box experience

This American Girl gift box with all of its outfits and accessories definitely makes an impression! Visit the American Girl website to see the full details about this custom gift box.

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Lisa Rios
Lisa Rios

That is so cute! Personalized gifts are the best, I always say! Love the outfit choices!


The doll looks super cute and I think my niece will love it. Glad that there are few styles to choose from.

Myrah Duque

American Girl Dolls bring back so many great memories! A gift set would make any little girl very happy.

Yeah Lifestyle

I love giving gifts which are customisable and the gift box is so wonderful because that can be done. My daughter would surely love the doll as she loves to play dress up at the moment.


This looks like such a wonderful gift for a little girl this festive season. I can see this being a much asked for gift in letters to Santa this year!

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose

Oh, I love this American Doll gift set it’s really beautiful and I am sure my daughter will become happy once she receive this as our present for her birthday.

Ashley R

I always wanted one of these as a little girl. Now that I have a little girl of my own I can see why my parents didn’t buy me one. They are pricey. I would probably get the version at Target if she asked.

A Chronic Voice

That looks like it would make for a pretty neat gift for a young girl! Customisation is always a good idea!