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DIY & Surprise Beauty Products Kits for Kids

Like many other kids, my girls love beauty products, color, glitter and surprises. We often make our own spa products including bath bombs and lip balm. These surprise DIY dispensers from Vendees are an easy way for girls to make their own bath and beauty products. Kiera and Sylvie really enjoyed unboxing and demonstrating how these mystery DIY kits work!

Vendees surprise diy dispensers themed beauty sets for kids

We received complimentary product from Vendees for review. All opinions are our own.

My girls were delighted to receive for review these Vendees Surprise DIY Dispensers. The themes we tested out included the Atomic Rainbow layered lip balm kit and Sweet Treat surprise bath bombs kit. Each of these do-it-yourself sets includes materials for making homemade beauty products, as well as some surprises!

Vendees Surprise DIY dispensers spa kits for kids

Vendees Surprise DIY Dispensers

First, the anticipation of unboxing is always the best part. I made sure Kiera and Sylvie thoroughly read the packaging and all the details of these surprise kits. We also did an unboxing video, so my girls had to know their talking points!

My girls were very excited to open up these Vendees Surprise DIY Dispensers. Each set is themed and has a collection of materials to make beauty products and surprises kids can unpackage and reveal.

Vendees Surprise DIY bath bombs dispensers kit

Sweet Treat Surprise Bath Bombs

The Sweet Treat surprise bath bombs set comes with bath bombs, whipped soaps, sprinkle shakers and glitter. In one section of the box, kids can pull on a tab to dispense a sheet of surprise stickers. Several bubble jars inside the set contain mystery accessories such as a cupcake ring, treat erasers and a doughnut key chain. To reveal each surprise, Kiera and Sylvie took turns to pull the tabs and open the perforated doors inside each box.

Vendees surprise diy dispensers bath bomb kit


DIY Bath Bombs Spa Activity

Once opened, my girls wasted no time to create their first custom bath bomb. Kiera carefully opened up a bath bomb and Sylvie squeezed some of the whipped soap on top. Kiera topped the bath bomb with a dash of heart sprinkles and glitter.

Fun kids activity surprise DIY beauty products kits

Creative DIY Bath bombs kids activity

Atomic Rainbow Layered Lip Balm

Next, we opened the Atomic Rainbow layered lip balm set. Sylvie opened the DIY lip balm supplies including the gel base, wax drops, coloring, lip balm tubes and measuring tools. Next, the mystery reveal section held 3 more bubble jars with surprise accessories and rainbow accents. These Vendees Surprise DIY Dispensers are especially fun because once girls reveal all the surprises, they can set to work making their own beauty products!

Vendees surprise diy dispensers lip balm kit

These fun vending machine-inspired kits are a sweet way to spend an afternoon making creative spa products for kids. Vendees surprise DIY dispensers are also a great gift idea for any special occasion!
You can shop for Vendees sets at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Indigo, Learning Express, Michael’s, and Walmart.

Vendees bath bombs and lip balm DIY surprise kits

Easy DIY Sparkle Lip Gloss

Just like with these kits, you can easily make your own lip gloss using simple materials such as beeswax pellets, shea butter (gel base) and coconut oil. I especially love experimenting with colors and fragrances when making homemade lip balm.

DIY Scented Sugar Scrubs

Once you’ve made your own lip balm or bath bombs, you can easily make homemade sugar scrub. All you need is sugar, olive oil and a natural fragrance. Mix in lavender essential oil or peppermint extract to create a relaxing, luxurious scrub. Homemade sugar scrub is best made in small batches and used within a few days.

DIY mint sugar scrub creative gift idea

Making your own bath and beauty products is a fun way to enjoy practical art. Spa products are consumable, so not only will kids enjoy making lip balm and bath bombs, they’ll also enjoy using them. Last but not least, hands-on creative activities are a great way to teach kids how to follow directions and make cool things on their own!


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