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Fun Stuff For Active Kids! Animal Blankets, Glitter Slime & More

Fun Stuff For Active Kids! Animal Blankets, Glitter Slime & More

My kids love running around and playing in the yard. My girls also love crafting, designing their own art, painting their nails, making blanket forts, and helping me cook dinner or bake cookies. When I shop for kids’ gifts, I try to find things that are fun but also encourage my kids to burn off energy or be creative! Here are some fun fall kids activities, gift ideas and ways to make the shortened fall days a little more interesting.

Wild Things Animal Blankets

Kids love dressing up, even if it’s just turning an ordinary blanket into a cape. Wild Things Animal Blankets by Fin Fun are even better for imaginative play time; kids can dress up as a bear, lion, turtle, penguin, or shark and be instantly transformed into a playful animal! My girls enjoy chasing each other around the yard with their bear-inspired animal blankets complete with ears, a snout and fuzzy paws! Kids can put their hands into the paw “pockets” and pretend to pad around the house or yard.

Wild Things Animal Blankets kids gift idea - Mommy Scene

For kids who already like to pretend, these animal blankets are cozy and exciting to play in! We often play momma bear (where I get to crawl around and the kids jump on me) and these fun animal blankets allow the kids to easily get into character.

Wild Things Animal Blankets - Mommy Scene

Wild Things Animal Blankets gift idea for kids - Mommy Scene

Beware, these animal blankets might be a little bit scary! I love the soft and fuzzy fabric and adorable details on the bear’s head and paws.

Wild Things Animal Blankets holiday gift guide - Mommy Scene

Wild Things Animal Blankets are fun for imaginative playtime - Mommy Scene

Wild Things Animal Blankets feature lifelike eyes and soft claws, with other details on styles that aren’t inspired by bears. The soft, double-sided material features a wearable hood and pocketed paws you can easily snuggle into!

  • Soft and cozy fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Designed for kids ages 4 and up
  • Wearable
  • Realistic details

Wild Things Bear Animal Blankets kids gift idea - Mommy Scene

Wild Things Animal Blankets fun kids bear designs - Mommy Scene

Purple Glitter Slime

Have an open afternoon? Whip up some homemade glitter slime! We made purple because purple is a favorite color at our house. My daughter helped me mix the glue and water and carefully added food coloring and glitter. Then we mixed in liquid starch to watch the glitter slime magic begin to take shape!

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup clear school glue
  • food coloring & glitter
  • 1/2 cup liquid starch

Mix the water and clear glue together until completely combined. Stir in a few drops of food coloring and glitter. Pour in 1/2 cup of liquid starch and stir until the slime begins to form. You can knead the slime with your hands until all the liquid is absorbed. Homemade glitter slime will seem stringy at first and then become more stretchy as the ingredients gel together.

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Homemade glitter slime for kids - Mommy Scene

Homemade glitter slime is a fun activity for a kids birthday party or a playdate with friends! This recipe DOES NOT contain borax, making it safer for little hands.

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Homemade glitter slime for kids with no borax - Mommy Scene

DIY glitter slime for kids (no borax) - Mommy Scene

DIY Chalk Table

I have a friend who transformed her dining room table into a kid’s activity table using chalkboard paint! She painted the table top with several coats of black chalkboard paint and let her kids color away. I love this idea especially for homes with limited space. Kids can color directly on the table with chalk and before dinner you can quickly wipe it off. You could also make a separate art table in a play room or school room by painting a side table with chalkboard paint. Kids will love doing art at their DIY chalkboard table!

DIY Chalk Table for kids craft projects - Mommy Scene

Create an art corner by painting your tabletop with chalkboard paint!

DIY Chalk Table for creative kids - Mommy Scene

Stencil Glitter Tattoos

My girls love applying these shimmery glitter tattoos! These kits come with stencils that you can easily apply onto the skin, dab the special glue onto the stencil, remove the stencil and allow to dry. Next comes the fun part that kids can do themselves! Kids can brush fine glitter onto the sticky glue design to reveal the tattoo shape! These glitter tattoos are fun to apply and last several days (or several weeks if careful). Glitter tattoos are fun stocking stuffers or an inexpensive reward for kids’ accomplishments! You can find all sorts of glitter tattoo kits on Amazon.

Stencil Glitter Tattoos for kids - Mommy Scene
Cozy fall days can be fun and interactive by planning a few simple activities for your kids! What’s your family’s favorite way to spend a fall afternoon?

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Those blankets are so fun! They keep you warm and you can play as well. Even though I’m an adult, I kind of want one …

Shubhada Bhide
Shubhada Bhide

Oh! these are fun and nice stuff for kids. I love the cute animal blanket, So perfect for the cold season. Kids would really love these stuff.

Kimberly Lewis

I’m loving the animal blankets! It’s so amazing how much kids love things like this!


My niece had me watching slime videos for an hour, they are so popular right now getting millions of views.


The bear blankets are so adorable! I want to get one for myself. It’s going to be the perfect companion for reading!

Carley Clagg
Carley Clagg

Those animal blankets may be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!! I think they would make great Christmas presents.

Cia Black

These are not just for kids. I could so use one of those bear blankets myself. We love making goop, although we don’t make ours with glitter because we find it to be very messy.


Looks like you had so much fun. How cute are those wild things animal blankets! That slime looks so sparkly!! 🙂 x