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Genius Kids’ Bedroom Solutions

Genius Kids’ Bedroom Solutions

Keeping a kid’s room clean and organized can be a challenge. It’s helpful if your child can help manage their own room. I try to provide my kids with easy organization solutions so they can keep their toys picked up, make their beds, and learn how to keep their room clean all by themselves.

Versatile Toy Chest

I made my girls a mermaid-inspired toy chest to put away their dress up outfits, accessories, stuffed animals and dolls. This fun toy chest encourages my kids to clean up their room and makes it easy to organize toys. The girls can store all sorts of things inside this cute oversize toy chest. All you need is a generously sized box with a hinged lid that you can paint or stain to match your child’s room decor.

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Mermaid inspired toy chest for a kid's room - Mommy Scene

Easy DIY Wood Projects with Acrylic Paint - Mommy Scene

This wood toy chest was so fun to paint and re-purpose for my daughter’s room. We easily gave an old wooden chest a quick coat of paint and painted this fun mermaid-inspired design on it. My daughter loves her toy chest and it holds all her dress up outfits and accessories!

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DIY Mermaid Style Wood Toy Chest - Mommy Scene

Accessible Storage Bins

Storage cubes with removable bins can work wonders for organizing a child’s room. We love pulling out these bins to play and easily putting the toys away nice and neat. The kids can help put their toys into the storage bins. I don’t let them get out a new toy bin before putting away the first bin. Kids can learn how to clean their own room from an early age, a great way to teach them life skills as they get older! Storage bins are also great for holding clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

Kids' bedroom storage solutions and cubes with removable bins

QuickZip Sheets

QuickZip sheets are a great solution for changing out a child’s sheets, especially in the middle of the night. We had a chance to review this innovative version of a simple bed sheet, designed to make it easy to swap out the fitted sheet on a child’s bed. QuickZip zip-on sheets also come in full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

What are QuickZip sheets? They are basically top sheets that zip onto a QuickZip “base” that fits around your mattress. They reduce the struggle of swapping out your sheets and stretching the fitted sheet around your mattress every time you freshen up your bed. Simply get the QuickZip base in place (once) and then easily zip the sheet onto the base, around the edge of the mattress. To remove the sheet, unzip the sheet and replace it with a new one, never having to mess with the material that fits around the mattress. QuickZip sheets have been especially useful for my daughter’s daybed that has rails that make it difficult to change her sheets.

We received a white velvety soft fleece QuickZip sheet and a gray cotton sheet for my daughter’s twin bed. My daughter loves the softness of the fleece sheet, and the cotton sheet is a great alternative for warmer nights. Each sheet has a durable zipper all the way around that zips on to the fitted base. This design allows me to leave the base in place (except for the occasional cleaning) and quickly unzip the old sheet and zip on the fresh, clean sheet. The zipper tab is easy to attach to the base and zip the sheet all the way around the mattress. It’s even simple enough for a young child to change their own sheets!

QuickZip kids zip-on sheets - Mommy Scene

Both the cotton and velvety soft fleece sheets have wide edging, durable stitching, and a zipper that goes all the way around the outer edge of the sheet. The corners are attached in a way that makes it easy to maneuver the zipper around the corners. The sheet also lays completely flat on the bed.

The QuickZip sheet style is available in a wide array of products; 200 and 400 thread count sheets for all bed sizes, crib starter packs, play yard sheets, and even mattress pads. You can use these unique sheets for the whole family, minimizing linen closet space and never having to fold an awkward fitted sheet again! QuickZip sheets are as easy to fold up as a blanket, laying flat and taking up minimal space. Plus they come in modern neutral colors such as white, gray, and ecru.

Product Highlights

  • Simple to change kids’ sheets in the middle of the night.
  • Encourages kids to independently make their own beds.
  • Easy to use for those with muscle and joint pain.
  • Ideal for seniors wanting to lead an independent lifestyle.
  • Perfect for bunk beds and hard-to-change beds in RVs and boats.

QuickZip sheets make changing bed sheets easy - Mommy Scene

For a basic bed sheet, I’ve been impressed at how unique QuickZip sheets are in their simple and effective design. We especially love the silky plushness of the fleece sheet, and the cotton QuickZip sheet is also very soft, offering that “silky-sheet” feel. The fitted base has an extra thick elastic panel so it hugs the mattress and doesn’t pop off the corners. It’s easy to zip these sheets on and off the bed and the sheets are well made and good quality.

DIY Wood Wall Art

To decorate your child’s room, you can easily make your own custom wood wall art with homemade lettering stencils! Customize the size and style of your lettering in a photo editing program before you create your art. Print off your homemade stencils on 8″ x 11″ cardstock, cut them out, and trace around them. This step requires the more attention to detail but the end result will look amazing. Once you trace the letter outlines onto your wood piece, paint within the lines to create your custom wall art. You can always touch up any smudges later.

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I love how my nursery wall art turned out!

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DIY wood wall art with custom lettering stencils for kid's room - Mommy Scene

I hope you enjoyed our tips for decorating and organizing a child’s room. It’s always so much fun to decorate and create custom decor for your home!

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Mandy P
Mandy P

Seems like a great way to cut down on the time it takes to change sheets. By keeping the base in place and zipping on a new top sheet, you don’t have to worry about a regular sheet coming loose from the corners of the mattress!

Darla C
Darla C

I got these sheets at my baby shower, and I love them! They are the easiest to change in the middle of the night just make sure that you have extra mattress protectors that don’t cover the mattress on under the sheets. If you have only a full mattress cover these don’t help you any if the leak goes through the sheets.

Lauryn R
Lauryn R

These sheets sound incredible! I have 2 in cribs and it gets annoying having to tackle regular crib sheets, sometimes every day. I love that these zip on for a Perfect fit. 🙂

Laurie N
Laurie N

I like how this zips up and stays in place it looks great to use and keeps the mattress covered.

Mallarie D
Mallarie D

This is a neat idea.