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Oregon Coast Family Vacation with Kids

Warmer weather and changing school schedules means we are looking forward to lots of summer fun and family vacations! It’s always tricky taking small children on adventures, but it is possible. Despite naps, diapers, and nursing schedules, families with young children can still get out and enjoy some summer sunshine! Last year our family explored the beautiful Oregon Coast. My 3-year-old loved the pacific northwest beaches and our baby didn’t mind coming along for the ride.

It looks a bit chilly, but the sunshine made up for the colder Oregon Coast beach temperatures. Our Oregon Coast family vacation wasn’t a typical California beach experience, but that didn’t stop up from building a sandcastle, chilling on the ocean-smoothed sand, and strolling along the edges of the waves.

Oregon coast beach family vacation with babies - Mommy Scene

Our babies have always loved the beach and it’s a treat because we visit the coast rather infrequently.

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Oregon coast baby on the beach - Mommy Scene

Oregon family vacation sand castle at the beach - Mommy Scene

Oregon coast family vacation and tide pools with sea urchins - Mommy Scene

Wild sea urchins decorate the edges of the Oregon Coast tide pools. They are beautiful and not something our kids see everyday! My daughter loved discovering these cool new creatures.

Oregon family vacation - exploring tide pools with kids - Mommy Scene

Exploring Oregon coast tide pools with kids - Mommy Scene

We stopped at a hole in the wall coffee and tea place on our Oregon Coast family vacation and enjoyed a delicious cinnamon mocha! Sometimes hidden and less mainstream places are the best!

Stop at a Oregon coast coffee shop on our Oregon family vacation - Mommy Scene

Oregon coast family vacation delicious coffee - Mommy Scene

Oregon Family Vacation beautiful flowers in Newport - Mommy Scene

Of course, a stop at a local chocolate store was a must. My daughter had no problem choosing her favorites.

Oregon coast family vacation local chocolates - Mommy Scene

The Oregon Coast is so beautiful.

Oregon family vacation hike with toddlers - Mommy Scene

Pacific Northwest beaches are known for their ocean waves that break upon rocky cliffs. We saw such awesome scenery on our Oregon Coast family vacation!

Oregon coast family hike with young children - Mommy Scene

Oregon family vacation hike with beautiful flowers - Mommy Scene

There were views to be found everywhere on our kid-friendly Oregon Coast hike.

Oregon coast family hike with beautiful views - Mommy Scene

Oregon Family Vacation coastal hikes - Mommy Scene

This cliff side hike view from our Oregon Coast family vacation reminds me of the Shire from Lord of the Rings.

Oregon coast family hike - Mommy Scene

Our Oregon Coast hike was kid-friendly family adventuring at it’s best! The views, natural beauty, and light summer breezes were lovely.

Oregon coast family vacation hike babies on the beach - Mommy Scene

Oregon coast family vacation beach baby - Mommy Scene

Throughout our Oregon family vacation we found some great photo spots on these ocean buffeted rocks for darling coastal toddler photos.

Oregon coast family vacation awesome ocean driftwood - Mommy Scene

I’d love to know where this chunk of Oregon Coast driftwood has been! My daughter wasted no time scrambling up for a closer look.

Fun Oregon coast family vacation with toddlers - Mommy Scene

Some of our Oregon Coast family vacation days were windy and misty. The Oregon Coast tide pools offered plenty of places to explore.

Oregon coast family vacation tide pools - Mommy Scene

One of our stops included Bandon Oregon, a small coastal town where we got coffee and had lunch. Henry the Fish is a unique creation made entirely from plastic ocean debris. It was designed using bluish fishing net and plastic pieces of different shapes and colors that were collected from the ocean. A whale bone structure crafted from white plastic containers provides the structure for this unique “recycled” piece of art. Nothing is painted, but there are plenty of marine debris in all shapes and colors, highlighting the message that marine debris is a prevalent problem.

Oregon coast family vacation henry the recycled fish art - Mommy Scene
Photo credit and more info at Marine Debris Blog.

We also went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, a great family-friendly tour that included cheese samples. My 3-year-old had the chance to see how cheese is made and enjoy samples and ice cream at the end of the tour!

Oregon Family Vacation with Toddlers Tillamook Cheese Factory - Mommy Scene

The Oregon Coast aquarium in Newport also offered lots of kids activities, including a sensory area where kids can touch sea creatures and explore ocean eco-systems within lots of viewing windows.

Oregon Family Vacation Newport Aquarium - Mommy Scene

To top off our Oregon Coast family adventure, we enjoyed crab at a local seafood restaurant in Newport. Surprisingly, crab has quickly become one of my daughter’s favorite occasional treats!

Oregon Family Vacation with Toddlers crab dinner - Mommy Scene

We loved adventuring on the Oregon Coast and exploring places like Newport, Tillamook, and Bandon. The Oregon Coast turned out to be a wonderful vacation with lots of activities to do with young kids and babies! We went to many little towns that each offered their own unique culture, sights, and experiences. We kept our family vacation simple and casual so we could have fun amidst nap schedules and the limited abilities of our small children. The Pacific Northwest coast was the perfect place to get away from home and enjoy a week of fun with our babies, a great Oregon family vacation! Where will you go with your family this summer?

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4 years ago

Stumbled upon this post and was wondering if you could share specifically where you were when you took that beautiful “shire” hike? I am planning a family trip and would love to go there. Thanks!