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How To Make A Minecraft Creeper Pinata

My kids love birthday parties. They start planning their own birthday parties months in advance and they love going to their friends’ birthday parties. Parents can easily create a memorable birthday experience for their kids with a few creative DIY ideas. This Minecraft Creeper Pinata was the highlight of my daughter’s Minecraft birthday party. We made it out of cardboard boxes and green tissue paper. You can easily make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata too!

How To Make A Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata using boxes

Minecraft Creeper Pinata DIY Project

To make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • 1 small cardboard box for the head
  • 1 cereal box for the body
  • 2 tiny boxes for the feet (or 4 if you are going for the 3D effect)
  • Packing tape
  • Green tissue paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors

Make the pinata hanger: First, punch two holes into the top box of the pinata and run a piece of twine through the holes, tying the twine together to form a loop. You will use this hanger to hang up the pinata at the party and you want it to be strong.

Create the Minecraft creeper shape: Next, arrange the boxes to create a Minecraft creeper character and tape them together with packing tape. You can cut a few slits in various places on the boxes to make it easier for the party guests to wack open the pinata.

Cover the entire pinata surface with a base layer of green tissue paper. Use spray adhesive to attach sheets of tissue paper. Trim off any excess. Once you have the basic shape assembled, you can begin decorating it!

Fringe the pinata: Finally, cut long strips of green tissue paper and use scissors to fringe the edges. Starting at the bottom of the pinata, layer these strips onto the pinata. Attach each strip using spray adhesive, with the fringe edges along the bottom, until the whole pinata is covered in the traditional tissue paper fringe.

Spray adhesive tip: It’s helpful to use another sheet of cardboard as your “workspace” when using spray adhesive. Lay a strip of fringed tissue paper on the cardboard sheet and spray it with a thin layer of spray adhesive. Gently pick up the tissue paper strip and position it onto the pinata, gently smoothing it into place. Repeat with the next strip.

Once the Minecraft Creeper Pinata is covered with fringed green tissue paper, cut out the creeper’s face using black construction paper. The creeper’s face resembles a bunch of squares connected together. It may be helpful to sketch it onto the construction paper before you begin cutting. You’ll want to make the face the correct size for your size of pinata. Glue the face onto the Minecraft Creeper Pinata.

Fill the pinata with candy: Cut a “door” in the bottom of the pinata and fill the Minecraft Creeper Pinata with candy. Once filled, cover up this door with another piece of cardboard and tape it in place.

Design your own Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Invite Your Kids to Help

You can easily design a Minecraft Creeper Pinata using different sized cardboard boxes. Your child can help you design it too; if they regularly play the game they will probably have a better idea of what a creeper should look like!

Fun Minecraft Creeper Pinata Birthday Party Idea

Spray adhesive and green tissue paper are a simple way to give this DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata an authentic look.

How to make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata birthday party idea

Start at the bottom and attach strips of fringed green tissue paper using spray adhesive. Smooth each strip into place.

Make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata using fringed tissue paper

Kids can help make the fringed tissue paper strips. Cut tissue paper into fringe by creating even slits 1/2 inch apart.

Design a Minecraft Creeper Pinata using fringed tissue paper

How to Use Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive goes on evenly and dries quickly! You can use spray adhesive directly on the pinata for some spot-gluing. However, it’s helpful to use another sheet of cardboard as your “workspace” when using spray adhesive. When covering the pinata, lay a strip of fringed tissue paper on the cardboard sheet and spray it with a thin layer of spray adhesive. Gently pick up the tissue paper strip and smooth it into place on the pinata. Repeat until the pinata is covered with fringed tissue paper.

Minecraft Creeper Pinata DIY birthday party activity

Sketch out the Minecraft creeper’s face onto a sheet of black construction paper. The size of the pinata will dictate the size the face should be. These creepers seem kind of friendly-looking, considering they are supposed to be the scary zombies of the Minecraft world. Eeek!

Minecraft Creeper Pinata construction paper face

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Easy and Creative DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Fill the Pinata with Candy

Candy is the best part of any pinata! When you make your own pinata, you can fill it with your child’s favorite treats or small Minecraft party favors. Small chocolate bars, Dum Dum suckers and starbursts are all popular pinata candy. Choose candy that is individually wrapped and easy to pick up off the ground.

Kids Birthday Party Idea Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Your kids can help you fill the pinata to get ready for their Minecraft birthday party! Once filled, cover the pinata opening with another piece of cardboard and tape it into place.

Bonus idea! You can design your own pinata in any shape or color using this same technique!

Design your own DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata using cardboard boxes

Hang this DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata from a tree branch using a long piece of twine or rope, attached to the loop hanger you created at the top of the pinata. Kids will have fun taking turns hitting this pinata at your child’s birthday party. Kids can use a bat or a stick to hit the pinata. Don’t forget to create a safe zone boundary line in your yard for party guests to stand behind while each child takes a turn hitting the pinata. Kids easily get excited and you don’t want them accidentally hitting other party guests!

I hope you have fun making this creative kids birthday party idea. A DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata is an inexpensive and memorable way to create excitement at your child’s Minecraft birthday party.

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