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Meet American Girl Gabriela McBride – 2017 Girl of the Year

American Girl’s 2017 Doll of the Year has curly brown hair, warm brown eyes and a creative personality. Her story is about tackling challenges with creative problem solving. The American Girl books introduce girls to memorable stories and character lessons. Gabriela McBride is no exception; she also works hard to help her community. We received the Gabriela McBride doll for review and unboxing. Gabriela quickly became a beloved part of our American Girl collection.

Meet American Girl Gabriela McBride doll review

Gabriela McBride Unboxing Video

My daughter and I had a lot of fun unboxing Gabriela and seeing each of her beautiful details.
Everything from the American Girl collection is always great quality.

American Girl 2017 Doll of the Year

American Girl Gabriela McBride is the 2017 Girl of the Year. She’s a talented character who gets
creative for a cause. In her first book, Gabriela loves spending time at her mother’s performing arts
center. She especially enjoys dance, art and poetry. In that safe place, she conquers her stutter, joins a poetry group and helps with the annual showcase. When Gabriela and her friends make a big mistake, she creatively helps save the center from being shut down.

Gabriela McBride American Girl doll has curly brown hair, warm brown eyes and light brown skin

The 18″ Gabriela McBride American Girl doll has curly brown hair, warm brown eyes and light brown
skin. Like the other dolls, this 2017 African-American character has a huggable cloth body, a movable
head and smooth vinyl limbs.

Gabriela McBride’s curly hair is one of my favorite features about this 2017 American Girl character.
Girls can style her hair in a variety of ways. Also, my daughter uses a wire brush to brush out each
individual curl and keep her hair pretty and tangle-free. Styled up or down, Gabriela’s hair frames her
face with ringlet curls.

American Girl Gabriela McBride purple and turquoise shoes

Additionally, she comes wearing a soft turquoise tank top and a cropped purple sweater with a silver
“dream” graphic. Her stretchy dark blue jeggings pair perfectly with her purple and turquoise shoes.
Gabriela’s pink ribbon headband completes her comfy outfit.

American Girl Gabriela McBride is the 2017 doll of the year and book

Dolls That Are More Than Toys

We love the American Girl collection for several reasons. First, each American Girl character is memorable and unique. Likewise, the historical dolls introduce girls to eras of history in memorable ways. Felicity Merriman, Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkington each have their own struggles and successes. These dolls’ historical outfits and accessories are beautifully detailed and
especially fun to collect.

American Girl Gabriela McBride

Also, the American Girl collection encourages girls to enjoy simple dress-up. The modern American
Girl dolls are colorful and stylish. In a world of fashion and makeup, American Girl dolls are dressed
appropriately for little girls. My girls love dressing up their American Girl dolls and mixing and
matching outfits. We’ve even made some custom doll clothes.

Finally, the American Girl books are perfect for young readers. The book chapters are fairly short and
easy for kids to read on their own or with mom or dad. Many of the stories are about friendship,
perseverance, overcoming obstacles and being creative. Overall, these simple books are a great way
for girls to develop their love for reading

Gabriela McBride doll review and unboxing

My girls have so much fun playing with their American Girl dolls. They also love adding new outfits and accessories to their collection! Gabriela McBride fits right in with my daughter’s other AG pals. The American Girl brand is a great place to start for collecting high quality toys that inspire girls to enjoy childhood.


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Ariana Gomez
Ariana Gomez
5 years ago

Amazing stuff to help with raising kids. thanks

June S.
June S.
5 years ago

This American Girl doll is very nice. I know a person who goes to the big sales when they have them in the springtime.

5 years ago

My niece would love this! She is obsessed with AG Dolls.

5 years ago

I love these dolls we got one for my niece some time ago and she loved it!

Neha K.
Neha K.
5 years ago

Love the pics. Both are too cutee

5 years ago

My daughter would have loved such a doll when she was smaller!

Melynda S
Melynda S
5 years ago

This is so cute!