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Mommy Must-Haves for Little Boys

Having a baby boy changes everything. Even after I had two girls, our little boy added a whole new element to our family life. My toddler son is very active, adventurous and affectionate and I find it necessary to channel his energy into productive routines. Here are some things that have helped me navigate mommy life with a busy little boy.

Pediped toddler boy shoes for healthy foot development

Send Kids Outside to Run in the Yard

My little guy constantly wants to go outside and it’s important he has good shoes to support his feet. pediped shoes are great for active kids, with lots of shoe styles that feature adorable details, durable designs and supportive protection for growing feet and toes. pediped kids shoes are ideal for babies, toddlers and kids to wear on on family adventures or to just play in the backyard. My kids have worn many pairs of pediped shoes and the quality and shoe designs never disappoint.

Pediped toddler boys supportive shoes for kids

All of pediped’s kids shoes are made from sturdy materials accented with adorable details. Many of the shoe designs use Velcro so kids can easily put them on and take them off by themselves. This baby boy shoe design (above) has stretchy striped bands which hug the foot and Velcro fasteners to keep the shoes on tightly while allowing for comfortable movement. pediped baby shoes are stitched with strong thread and the leather bottom keeps little soles and toes safe and protected. I try to buy my kids quality shoes that are designed to help little walkers grow in confidence as they transition from crawling to walking.  pediped is even approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development.

Make Sensory Boxes & Play Dough

My kids love sensory activities so it’s helpful for me to figure out how to do fun preschool activities without making a mess. Sensory bins are easy to throw together with anything you find in your house. You can fill up a plastic box with small toys, miniature balls, Easter eggs, rocks, foam cubes, or even a cut up egg carton and let your toddler or preschooler dig through the collection with a spoon. Add water beads or play sand along with small waterproof toys to create an extra interactive sensory bin. I’ve made a sensory bin for babies and interactive discovery boxes for preschoolers in many themes and for different age levels. In the summer I can just fill up a box with dirt and let my toddler son play with it in the yard, small dinosaurs optional.

Dinosaur themed sensory bin for kids

Homemade play dough is also easy to make with flour, water, salt, oil and cream of tarter. Quickly whip up your own batch of DIY play dough and add food coloring to make it any color your kids choose.

Get a Stylish & Practical Diaper Bag

I’ve found that I often need to carry a diaper bag even though I am long past the tiny baby stage. I always have my hands full when I take my 3 young kiddos out and about so having a stylish and comfortable bag to store all our family essentials is very important.

It's a Breeze Adelina Madelina diaper bag

Personally, I love it when diaper bags have a backpack option so that I can have my hands free to hold my little ones. I received this modern It’s a Breeze bag from Adelina Madelina for review. It converts to a backpack by simply clipping the strap onto the backpack rings. Stroller straps are also included with the bag which places the bag at an easy-to-reach location on the stroller and leaving room for other gear inside the stroller storage basket.

It's a Breeze Adelina diaper bag by Madelina review

The exterior of this bag is a sturdy wipeable material and it stands up nicely even when there is nothing inside.

It's a Breeze Adelina Madelina backpack diaper bag

This Adelina Madelina bag also comes with a branded wipes case and cushioned changing pad that slips easily into its own exterior pocket on the back of the bag.

There are two generously sized exterior side pockets which I love to use for bottles for the baby, sippy cups for my toddler, or my own water bottle. Under the front flap are two pockets that are the perfect size for the wipes case and a few cloth diapers. The front flap closes with a simple button clasp.

Inside the bag there is a nice little zippered pocket for my own things; my keys, wallet and phone all fit inside. There is also another pocket inside which works great for smaller toys and healthy snacks.

The main compartment is a nice size and fits a surprising amount inside and zips closed for security. I can easily store everything in this diaper bag that I need to take my kids on the go. I’d recommend this diaper bag for any mom who has young kids because of its spacious design and quality details.

It's a Breeze Adelina Madelina modern and spacious diaper bag

Stock up on Play Friendly T-Shirts

My little man practically lives in a simple pair of pants and a t-shirt. He can easily put on a t-shirt by himself and it’s comfortable to run around in a shirt like this whimsical Tenth & Pine design. T-shirts are also fairly inexpensive and can be easily replaced if ruined during a particular messy day of play. I love finding my kids cute wardrobe basics they can pair with jeans, shorts or leggings.

Comfy and cute Tenth and Pine kids t-shirts

Go Green with Cloth Diapers

Finally, using cloth diapers with your little man is a great way to save money and live an Eco-friendly lifestyle. You can find tons of modern prints and easy to use cloth diaper styles that are easy to wash and maintain. I enjoyed cloth diapering with several of my kids. You can even find ways to cloth diaper on a budget!

Sherwood print modern cloth diapers for babies

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