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Caldicot Castle Tour in Wales | VIDEO

What do stone walls, mossy steps and climbing rose bushes have in common? All were part of the enchanting landscape we discovered at Caldicot Castle in Wales. We really enjoyed exploring the castle grounds, seeing the great hall, and soaking in the medieval beauty of this stone fortress.

Our family went on a month-long trip to the United Kingdom in fall 2022. We brought our three kids on an exciting adventure that took us to London, Bristol, Bath in England, Wales, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Our visit to Caldicot Castle in Wales was definitely a highlight!

Caldicot Castle Visit – Video

Caldicot Castle was built by the Normans and developed as a medieval stronghold in the town of Caldicot, Monmouthshire, in southeast Wales. Visitors can go on a self-guided tour of this amazing stone castle and explore the castle rooms, grounds and towers. Some of the rooms are staged and furnished with medieval-style furniture. And of course, the castle walls themselves are an impressive sight.

Exploring Caldicot Castle in Wales stone tower

Caldicot Castle was built by the Normans and developed in stages, starting first with a grassy moat and a sturdy wall as early as 1086. Over time, dwellers of the castle added the round stone keep possibly in 1221, interior rooms, front gate, battlements and turrets.

Beautiful grounds of Caldicot Castle in Wales

Stone gate and drawbridge of Caldicot Castle in Wales

The stone gate and drawbridge of Caldicot Castle is especially impressive.

Stone interior room at Caldicot Castle

This stone interior room at Caldicot Castle contains tables, banners and items that could have belonged to knights in charge of guarding the castle gate.

Dress Up at Caldicot Castle

Our kids really enjoyed visiting the great hall and even dressing up as ladies in waiting and knights. They chose outfits from a rack of dress up clothing available in the hall, alongside long tables decorated with cups, platters and play food.

Dress up dining in the banquet hall at Caldicot Castle

Dressing up at Caldicot Castle in Wales.

Banquet hall at Caldicot Castle

Inside the walls at Caldicot Castle in Wales

In the inner grounds, the whimsical castle garden provides pretty green against the weathered stone walls.

Gardens at Caldicot Castle in Wales

Caldicot Castle stone corner tower

We climbed the stone steps of a tower and saw a gorgeous view of the castle walls and surrounding countryside. Another stone tower led us to the trapdoor of a dark dungeon space.

Caldicot Castle view from the tower

Caldicot Castle stone tower and windows

Caldicot Castle stone keep possibly constructed in 1221.

Caldicot Castle stone wall and ditch fortification

A grassy moat ditch surrounds the stone castle walls.

Caldicot Castle wall and stone steps

Caldicot Castle roses growing on the wall

Caldicot Castle stone windows

We had a great time exploring Caldicot Castle in Wales, both inside and out! After we walked through all the rooms and toured the castle grounds, we went on a walk outside the walls. The view of this medieval stone castle is just as impressive from the outside.

Self-guided castle tour in Wales

Outside the stone walls at Caldicot Castle in Wales.


Amazing stone castle in Wales

Caldicot Castle is a great destination for families visiting Wales. This self-guided tour was very kid-friendly and entry was free! (as of October 2022) We made some fun memories here with our kids.

Caldicot Castle in Wales stone towers and walls


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