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Innovative Travel Essentials from Star Kids Products

The holidays are always a busy time of year, whether you are home or traveling. If you do venture out into the bustling travel scene, it can be a long trip for your kids in the car or even on the airplane. Star Kids Products has several creative solutions for engaging your kids in tight travel spaces. My kids bounce from one toy to the next at home, but if they are stuck in a car seat during road trips, they welcome anything they can hold in their lap. This Snack and Play Travel Tray and Play n Go tray table cover by Star Kids Products both offer portable play to engage your kids while on the go.

Star Kids Products Snack and Play Travel Tray

If your kids like to color, this convenient travel tray by Star Kids Products is a great way to do art on the go. It has a soft structure and a whiteboard layer on the tray so kids can use dry erase markers right on the tray. My daughter also enjoys using coloring books which fit perfectly on the tray with good support on her lap. This Snack and Play Travel Tray keeps toys and supplies organized with mesh pockets on the sides, a thick foam boarder to prevent things from falling on the floor, and a buckle strap for securing around your child’s waist when seated. You can use the Snack and Play Travel Tray at home, in the car, or anywhere you need a portable surface to write or play on.

Star Kids Products Snack and Play Travel Tray is a great surface for coloring - Mommy Scene

My daughter enjoyed using the Snack and Play Travel Tray to color during our recent family RV trip to Seattle. It’s great for keeping her toys controlled and minimizes mess when eating snacks in the car or on the airplane. The travel tray is flexible and can even be folded in half for easy storage.

Travel Tray Highlights

  • Made of soft durable Nylon
  • Attaches with a strap and buckle
  • Large mesh storage pockets hold lots of things
  • 2 inch wall stops food and toys from falling off

Star Kids Products Snack and Play Travel Tray review - Mommy Scene

Star Kids Products Snack and Play Travel Tray has side storage pockets - Mommy Scene

Store art supplies, pens, small toys, and sunglasses in the Snack and Play Travel Tray mesh storage and Nylon pockets. Your kids can easily take their art projects on the go and enjoy a sturdy portable surface for coloring in the car.

Coloring on the Snack and Play Travel Tray - Mommy Scene

Star Kids Products Play n Go interactive play mat - Mommy Scene

Star Kids Products Play n Go

Star Kids Products also makes a fun activity mat that easily attaches with straps to the back of a seat, an airplane tray table, or the Snack and Play Travel Tray.

We most recently used the Play n Go table cover during a fall family RV trip. My 2 year old daughter loves color and organizing, and she spent quite a while arranging the hanging toys on this interactive play mat, zipping and unzipping the bright yellow zipper, and tucking baby brother’s rattle into the clear pocket. The Plan n Go even has a buckle, one of my kids’ universally favorite things to attach and unbuckle.

Play n Go Highlights

  • Peek-a-boo mirror so baby can see himself
  • Squeaky toy shaped like a cheerful sun
  • Moon shaped crinkle toy
  • Mesh pocket with extra colorful plush puppy
  • Rope sturng with colorful balls
  • Clear photo pocket to tuck in a rattle
  • Bright orange flower with a button and loop
  • Orange strap with buckle
  • Removable plush shapes with sensory textures; square, circle, and triangle

This toy fun and interactive, ideal for busy two year olds. My one year old is a bit young to fully appreciate all the activities on the Play n Go, but he likes feeling the soft textures and trying to put the small plush shapes into his mouth. The Play n Go tray table cover fits on most airline tray tables, high chair trays and the Snack & Play travel tray for use in the car. It reduces travel-time stress and covers table surfaces for good, clean fun!

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Star Kids Products Play n Go for babies - Mommy Scene

Star Kids Products Play n Go interactive tray cover for kids - Mommy Scene

Star Kids Products interactive Play n Go with tactile activities for babies - Mommy Scene

Star Kids Products Plan n Go has lots of textures, colors, and interactive activities for kids to explore. Kids can fasten the button, buckle the buckle, or unzip the zipper all the while practicing important motor skills and tactile learning.

Star Kids Products Play n Go for babies and kids - Mommy Scene

What does your family doing for the holidays? Do you often travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter, or stay home? Star Kids Products innovative travel solutions are a great road trip toy and airplane toy to keep kids entertained and help babies practice new skills of picking up, pulling, twisting, and holding.

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Erica W
Erica W
4 years ago

This would be great stocking stuffer. I have 2 kids that would enjoy this.

Janie V
Janie V
4 years ago

I love this idea. We have a travel tray that’s a flat surface, but I like the activity idea for younger ones.