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Holiday Baking with Supernatural Sprinkles

Holiday Baking with Supernatural Sprinkles

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? Mine is hands down the chance to make lots of delicious goodies and share them with family and friends. Of course, I can bake any time of the year, but there’s something extra special about baking for the holidays. I love making Christmas cookies with my kids, rich chocolate truffles and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I also adore making homemade macarons because they are challenging to execute and beautiful when I succeed. Sprinkles a festive way to add color to holiday treats. I’m delighted to tell you about an awesome brand of soy-free sprinkles that are colored with natural food dyes.

Decorate homemade macarons with soy-free Supernatural sprinkles

Sprinkles are fun on just about any dessert. Cookies, ice cream sundaes, birthday cakes — you name it! These colorful sprinkles are different than ordinary sprinkles because they are made with healthier ingredients. Supernatural sprinkles are soy-free and are made using NO artificial colors and NO palm oil. Plus they come in awesome blends with fun names like Great Big Blizzard, Into The Woods and Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Holiday Baking with Supernatural Sprinkles

Sprinkles Unboxing

I was excited to open my box of sprinkles. I received a set of four blends of holiday themed sprinkles from Supernatural. I especially like that these blends have a variety of different shapes and colors to make holiday treats a little more interesting.

I added some sprinkles to a few of my homemade macarons which provided the perfect festive touch! These sprinkles are slightly sweet and each bottle has a faint vegetable fragrance, which I’m guessing is from the food-based dyes. Supernatural sprinkles are a healthier alternative, with no dyes, palm oil, soy, shellac, and no GMOS.

Into The Woods Supernatural sprinkles

Whimsical Designs

I plan on using these sprinkles to decorate future batches of cookies, cakes, bars and more. I love the whimsical touch they give to my homemade macarons. I think a dash of Into The Woods Supernatural sprinkles adds a perfect amount of color to vanilla cream macarons.

Decorate cookies and cakes with soy-free Supernatural sprinkles

Giftable Treats

Holiday treats are fun to make, eat and give away during the holidays. I usually make a variety of treats for Christmas. My kids love helping me make the cookie dough and decorate cookies with sprinkles. Some years we take plates of goodies to our neighbors and nearby friends. These Supernatural sprinkles themselves would be a great gift idea for someone who loves to bake.

Homemade macarons and Supernatural sprinkles made with natural food dyes

I think baking is a fun way to create some holiday traditions and share your edible art with others. Experimenting with color, flavor and design is one of my favorite things about making cookies. I started making homemade macarons one cold winter week when our family was snowed in and content to stay at home. Several batches later, I perfected my technique for making these trendy cookies. Once you know the basics of making homemade macarons, you can make them any color and flavor, and even decorate them with sprinkles! I love how these macarons look with a touch of food-based colorful sprinkles.

Homemade vanilla macarons and Supernatural sprinkles

What are your favorite things to bake for the holidays? Good food and sweet treats are a wonderful way to bring people together and share the warmth of the season.

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These are the cutest!!! I wonder if these are available in our local store, i will check this out actually. Thanks a lot for the idea.

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose

I am sure it will add more beauty to my cookies or anything I bake if I am going to use these beautiful and delicious sprinkles.

Sheryl / A Chronic Voice

These are so cute, and an easy way to makes those cookies ‘sparkle’ just that little bit more! Definitely looks more yummy and fun!


Your cookies are so cute! I have to get some of these sprinkles. My cookies are going to be amazing this year!


Love these!! My son loves sprinkles on everything … he always asks for them on his desserts and his hot cocoa. Especially this time of year, it’s sprinkles on everything! I typically have to drive over to Whole Foods to find the ones without artificial dyes, but I think it would be easier for me to order these online. So glad I came across your post!