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How To Make Lace Princess Crowns

Do you have a little princess in your home? These DIY lace crowns made out of stiffened lace are SO fun to design and pretty easy to make! I made these glittery lace crowns for a birthday party and as a fun photography accessory. I expected them to be more challenging, but all you need are the right materials and a warm, sunny afternoon to air dry your homemade crowns. DIY lace crowns are beautifully intricate and delicate looking, and they are completely customizable! You can use wide or thin lace, vintage or modern lace designs, and pointed or rounded lace. I’ve seen lace crowns with roses around the bottom and other silk flower embellishments. Take your crowns a step further with rhinestone and feather detailing. For my project, I make simple glittery lace crowns with a touch of color and glamour.

Easy DIY Homemade Lace Glitter Crowns

Lace Crown Supplies

You only need a few simple supplies to make these homemade lace crowns.

Homemade Mod Podge lace princess crowns

Lace Crown Materials

Lace – I chose a few styles of lace, some wider than others and cut into different lengths. Smaller lengths of lace will make a smaller crown circumference, while longer lengths of lace will make a larger crown. My daughter wanted a crown that would fit on the top of her head, rather than the small cute crowns that have to be pinned on.

Glitter – I found the finer the glitter the better. I also experimented with spray paint glitter, which worked just as well. My colored glitter came in tubes and I used silver spray paint glitter to give the lace crowns a fine dusting.

Embellishments – Rhinestones, feathers, sequins, tulle, bedazzled trim, feather boas, and more lace all make great lace crown embellishments.

Homemade Lace Glitter Crown how to

How To Make Lace Crowns

To make a homemade lace princess crown, submerge a length of lace in liquid fabric stiffener, stirring it around and running it through your fingers to make sure the lace is entirely saturated with liquid fabric stiffener.

Lay out the lace on a board or piece of parchment paper to dry. I left the pieces of lace outside on a warm summer afternoon and the pieces of lace dried within an hour or two.

Move the lace or turn it over a few times as it dries so the fabric stiffener doesn’t create globs on the lace design. If your lace has delicate detailing, you want to make sure the intricate details lay flat as the lace dries and don’t curl. Once my lace dried, I placed the wider, leafy piece of lace under a stack of books to flatten it overnight. My thinner lace was ok without any extra flattening.

When the lace is dry you will notice it feels considerably stiffer. You can brush on more fabric stiffener with a foam brush and let it fully dry once more if you want to make the lace extra stiff.

It’s important to note that the fabric stiffener won’t make the lace hard, but it will give stability to the lace design.

Homemade Lace Glitter Crowns using fabric stiffener

Lace Crown Colors

If you want to color your crown, paint the pieces of stiffened lace with a thin layer of acrylic paint. You could paint your crown a solid color, use a ombre painting effect, or tip the edges of the crown with a contrasting color. I made one with an ombre style using aqua paint that fades to silver, and a pink lace crown tipped with gold. You can also layer pieces of lace for a taller crown!

Lace Crown Mod Podge and Glitter

Next comes a layer of Mod Podge and glitter. Place the lace on a piece of parchment paper and dab on a light layer of Mod Podge with a foam brush, making sure you don’t fill in the holes of your lace. Sprinkle on any glitter you want to use while the Mod Podge is still wet. Pick up the lace ensuring the delicate details aren’t clogged with Mod Podge and place it on a clean work surface to dry (or another piece of parchment paper). I used an old board to dry my pieces of lace. Once one side of the lace dries, flip it over, dab Mod Podge on the other side, sprinkle on the glitter, and let it fully dry.

Lace Crown Fabric Glue Detailing

If you want to add a heavy amount of glitter, I’d recommend an additional step of using fabric glue to glue on extra glitter to your lace crown. The Mod Podge step is still necessary because it adds to the structure of the crown, but the fabric glue will help hold on denser amounts of glitter.

As a last step, I sprayed our homemade lace crowns with clear matte spray paint /acrylic sealant to keep the glitter and coloring in place. Hot glue the ends of your lace crown together into a circle and place the lace crown around a jar or bowl of the same size and let it fully dry overnight. It’s also helpful to store your lace crown in a box or something that allows it to maintain it’s circular shape. Flattening the crown for storage could cause permanent creases.

How to make homemade Lace Glitter Crowns with mod podge and fabric stiffener

DIY Lace Crowns are easy to make with lace, colored acrylic paint, Mod Podge, glitter, and decorative accents!

Mod Podge DIY lace princess crowns

I love how our DIY lace crowns turned out; they are whimsical and sweet, with the darling detailing provided by the lace. Perfect lacy crowns fit for a princess! I hope you try making your own lace crown!

DIY Mod Podge lace crowns for little princesses

Our princesses love their DIY glitter lace crowns and this darling Cinderella dress-up gown is a must have too! I’ve already received requests for a few more colors, which is no problem because I have lots of lace and lots of Mod Podge! These beautiful homemade lace crowns are the perfect accessory for a princess dress-up outfit, halloween costume, and mermaid outfit; a very girly and affordable way to have fun!

How to make lace princess crowns using Mod Podge

How To Make Lace Princess Crowns

Easily make a DIY princess crown yourself. You can try out the various crown crafting methods I tried and figure out what works best for you!

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Homemade Lace Glitter Crowns Craft Project

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Carrol Mumford
Carrol Mumford
3 years ago

Thank you Katie. These are so cute!!

Lisa G
Lisa G
5 years ago

These don’t look to hard to make, I think I can do it. I just had a new granddaughter, I can’t wait to make this for her.

Brittany H
Brittany H
5 years ago

This is so beautiful!! This would be great for newborn pics

Judith M
Judith M
5 years ago

I pinned a similar idea to this quite a while ago. I love them and think they would be a wonderful addition to a dress up box.

4 years ago

My daughters would love to have one of these. I will have to check this out and make them one.