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Gorgeous DIY Bird’s Nest Necklace

How pretty is this DIY bird’s nest necklace!? Personalized jewelry is a great gift idea for anyone who loves accessories. I’m excited to share just how easy it is to design this beautiful bird’s nest necklace using wire and colored beads. Anyone can easily make custom jewelry by following a few simple steps!

How to make a DIY bird's nest necklace

Design an Artsy Nest

To make a DIY bird’s nest necklace, first coil jewelry wire to make the nest shape. Leave a long trailing end of wire about 12 inches long. Use medium weight jewelry wire so that it’s easy to coil and shape. You will want your nest to have some substance. Wrap the wire into a circle shape 8-9 times, gently bending small segments to create the messy nest look. I intentionally added a few bends to the wire as I coiled it to add some character to my DIY bird’s nest pendant.

Easy DIY bird's nest necklace

Once you have arranged an aesthetically pretty coil of wire, wrap the long end of the wire around the individual strands of coiled wire to hold the shape in place. Next, criss-cross the wire across the bottom of the nest in an artsy fashion. Wrap the wire around the outside coiled wires a few more times in interesting places as you criss-cross. Keep your bird’s nest simple. Too much wire will make the bird’s nest pendant look too dense.

Design a beautiful DIY bird's nest necklace

Choose Colorful Beads

Once you’ve finished the nest shape and added some artsy wires across the bottom of the nest, string 3-4 colorful beads onto the wire. Secure the beads inside the nest with a few more loops of the wire through the nest. I choose beads for my 3 children; shimmery blues for my girls and a bright green for my little boy. I also choose different shapes and bead styles to create a unique jewelry design.

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY bird's nest necklace

Finish your DIY Bird’s Nest Pendant

Finally, wiggle the wire around as needed to space the beads evenly in the center of your DIY bird’s nest pendant. You could arrange the beads in a square or triangle, depending on how many beads you place in the nest. Make a final loop to secure the end of the wire and trim off any extra wire. Add a jump ring and a chain to finish your DIY bird’s nest necklace!

Pretty DIY bird's nest necklace how to

You can make these DIY bird’s nest pendants in any color and using any style of beads. I believe you can also find colored wire, although I prefer the classic brushed nickle wire look. A bird’s nest necklace is fun to create for yourself, your mom or a friend. You can wear your bird’s nest necklace alongside other coordinating accessories or by itself as the focal point of your outfit.

Which colors would you use inside your DIY bird’s nest necklace?

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How to make a beautiful customized bird's nest necklace

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